Breastfed Babypoop

breastfed babypoop
looks like mustard
smells like buttermilk

Finn’s face
little vocal chords
make big grunts

our eyes meet
changing table
wet diaper in one hand
dry one in the other

I see my son
smile at me
and laugh before
it even
hits me

‘he only smiles
when he’s pooping’
we tell our friends

my explosive
yell and the laughter
which follows
fills the nursery

breastfed babypoop
on my new blue pants
and the floor



2 thoughts on “Breastfed Babypoop

  1. This is very nice Jonas. You’ve captured a timeless moment that can seem so mundane to the passing eye. My wife is pregnant now with our first and I hope to celebrate the fatherhood experience in a similar fashion.

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