OK, the Crosscurrents page was becoming ever so cumbersome, so for future shows I’ll put the playlists here on the mainpage.


artist, song, album

indigone trio and strings, visions, self titled (2007 ropeadope digital)
“”, throughout, “”
hungry ghosts, coma, alone, alone
post junk trio, at first glance, chinatown
radiohead, nude, in rainbows
air, mayfair song, pocket symphony

a breath taken, and on we go…..

antizario, mustachio’s seduction by candlelight, it’s great to be fine
“”, movie trivia, “”
air, space maker, pocket symphony
antizario, a fine piece of sound, it’s great to be fine
medeski, martin and wood, seven deadlies, live at tonic

Folkishier set featuring the talented and magical Earthworks, Fox on a Hill artists….
Thank you Susan at Fox on a Hill for the promos!

mushman, eddie’s balloon, eddie do
“”, from the clouds looking down (inst.), “”
“”, from the ground looking up (inst), “”
“”,intermission, “”
“”, eddie’s lament, “”
dan kahn, in my doorways, river mouth
rachael davis, please, please papa, antebellum queen
seth bernard, overhaul, unreleased
breathe owl breathe, kids+cats, canadian shield (2007 earthworks)
sari brown, these sweet hills, for what is the journey (jeremy kittel on violin)
steppin’ in it, (boom)clank, last winter in the copper country


traveling wilburys, rattled, tw v. 1
“”, dirty world, “”
wilco, you are my face, sky blue sky


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