Found Poems

Attended a reading/workshop by Sarah Brooks last night at the Juneau Public Library, part of the First Friday Literary Series. In addition to sharing some very moving and personal work, Brooks led the group in a few writing activities, two of which evolved out of the found poetry school. Here are two poems that came from scavenging headlines in the library’s magazine area.

Bitch or bust
get it off your chest
no amount of bursting
will be tolerated

all cheat sheets
not sanctioned by the National
Association of Restroom Republicans
will be confiscated
unless the prevailing
media attitude shifts
violently toward
rather than emersion
of scandal

let those chest
bursting secrets
out the passenger
door of the minivan
to the moon

great lakes tube flies
hatching in your zen
garden will do less damage
than years
of secret swallowing

a little something
that might help you
lose weight
cast bamboo
make a rock solid

a new era
bitch don’t bust
get it off your chest


I am the reason you will need
flu fighters
intelligent cameras
a reason to selectively
purchase and consume only
produce items listed
on the organic top 20

I am the reason you will need
to stop those annoying
embarrasing yet
arrousing sex ads
from popping up

I am the reason for
the bee crisis

2 thoughts on “Found Poems

  1. Dan-

    Thanks for checking in. I think you would have also had fun playing at this event. Any chance we might catch you back in this fantastic corner of the world sometime? Someday maybe we’ll try and get picked up by APRN but right now we’re but a motley band of volunteers with too many “day jobs”. I interviewed housepainter with a songwriting problem, Buddy Tabor last week and will whittle down over an hour of material for a 5-8 minute for the next segment of Letters from the North which should air around the end of Feb.

  2. Hey Jonas,
    These are alluring! It is amazing, at times, what beauty can be found in play. I like the sounds that echo through these. The editor in me can’t help but mention that “loose” ought to be “lose” – unless you meant it that way. I’ve listened to some of the radio shows, too, and i like what i hear. Be cool if you could get picked up by Alaska PR. I hope all is well in the snowy, dark north.

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