XC 1.17.08

Artist, Song, Album

Force Theory, Back to Work (acoustic), Favela Rising soundtrack
“”, Back to Work, “”
“”, Favela Hope Theme, “”
Breath Owl Breath, Black Bear, Canadian Shield (2007 Earthworks)
deerhunter, Tape hiss orchids, cryptograms (2007 kranky/iris)
sonic youth, [untitled], washing machine
Chris Bathgage, Sun Moon
Daisy May, Fast, Mothermoon
Seth Bernard, Overhaul (unreleased)””,
Daisy May, Shoreline, Mothermoon


Mushman, Brenan’s Theme, Eddie Do
Daisy May, The River Waltz, Mothermoon
thurston moore, honest james, trees outside the academy
deerhunter, heatherwood, cryptograms
sonic youth, unwind, washing machine

top of the hour, weathermansays…

Sonic Youth, little trouble girl, washing machine
“”, panty lies, “”
Post Junk Trio, bon apetit, chinatown (2007 Ropeadope Digital)
“”, rip off, Chinatown
“”, lady in plaid (live), “”
Arcade Fire, I’m Sleeping in a Submarine, Arcade Fire [EP]
“”, my heart is an apple, “”
Cibo Matto, Spoon, Stereo Type A
Ozomotli, Cut Chemist Suite, 21 Grams Soundtrack
Gustavo Santaolalla, Can We mix the Unmixable [remix], “”
Benicio del Toro, Shake Rattle and Roll, “”


Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet
, Down in the Hole, Healing the Divide
“”, Lost in the Harbor, “”
“”, Diamond in Your Mind, “”
Panda Bear, Search for Delicious, Person Pitch (fade out)

2 thoughts on “XC 1.17.08

  1. bummer mr. mule. where’s work these days? did i mention i’m gonna be in your neck of the woods in march? me and sinister finnister, can’t wait. tell your IT guy to hook it up because everyone needs there thursday crosscurrents jones. by the way, i’m only on every other week now, got to be too much.

  2. dude. I can’t stream your show on my work computer until I get the admin to put in some special code thing that I don’t understand, or something. Ruins every Thursday!


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