Artists, Song, Album

Panda Bear, Search for Delicious, Person Pitch
“”, Take Pills, “”
,Sigur Ros, Hoppipolla, Taak
groundtruther w/ dj logic, medicean stars, longitude
“”, south heading, “”
deerhunter, red ink, cryptograms


cold war kids, robbers, robbers and cowards
daisy may, shoreline, mother moon
camera obscura, if looks could kill, let’s get out of this country
“”, i need all the friends I can get, “”
saturday looks good to me, if you ask, every night
“”, ambulance, all your summer songs
beck, new round, the information

screaming, crying weather

drive by truckers, goodbye, a blessing and a curse
mofro, long way home, lochloosa
rolling stones, sway, sticky fingers
yo la tengo, cherry chapstick, and then nothing….
sketches for albinos, thank god everything falls into place, sketches for albinos (self titled)
yo la tengo, our way to fall, and then nothing turned itself inside out and…

long winded break

sufjan stevens, come on feel the illionois, illinois
david byrne, (the gift of sound) where the sun never goes down, knee plays
sufjan stevens, to the workers of the rock river region i have an idea, illinois
sufjan stevens, they are night zombies, illinois
phish, david bowie, junta

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