Heard about this about the time i downloaded my pre-release copy of Radiohead’s In Rainbows so i guess that means i’ve been waiting since november to get my hands on it… AmpLive has taken (not so legally apparently) some major liberties in restructuring the already ambient sound-scape of the Radiohead sound and created a work of art totally unique. the release happens to coincide with my week’s reading about intellectual property rights and the hurdles these intangible products throw at musicians hoping to sample other artists. i’d say toss fair use out the window and hope for a day where the much more creatively accommodating creative commons licenses replace the uptight, archaic u.s. copyright law, bring on the digital millennium without the copyright act! not sure how long this will be up so go for it….

For the next eight days, AmpLive will release one Rainydayz Remix track a day via his iLike iCast

Or try and grab the entire album (zipped) here.

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