Rearchitecting the music business

Up way too late tonight writing a paper for a course I’m taking on Information Ethics for my Masters of Library and Information Science program. Just when I thought I was totally burned out on this paper I came across this terrific article at First Monday by UM professor Robert Frost (not the poet, though he does get royalties), about getting rid of record labels to alleviate the ridiculous cycle of legal litigation over illegal access and distribution of copyrighted music. pod.jpg
If the article’s a bit too heavy for you, listen to the podcast which “investigates how the music industry’s various stakeholders — from record companies, to musicians, to radio — are adapting to the online environment” and realize how fascinating library and information science can be.

2 thoughts on “Rearchitecting the music business

  1. THANK YOU for the heads-up on this, much appreciated.

    To answer the question above me, anyone can technically do anything.

    The difference is this: who can do it well? If you can create quality, meaningful, entertaining media, you get paid because that still matters.

    The internet operates exactly like real world principles, because those principles aren’t driven by the “Real world” but by human psychology.

  2. nice link. The gist is, if everyone can produce media cheaply and easily, who makes a living our of media?

    made quickly, reproduced infinitely, how much “work” has gone into it? ie, how can you justify a price tag?

    the internet doesn’t operate like any real world principles. Therefore “outside” laws shouldn’t apply.

    the de facto will rule

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