Artist, song, album

?? helsinki, dutch chocolate
yo la tengo, our way to fall, if nothing turns itself inside out…
breathe owl breathe, shovel, canadian shield
bob, leaf, “”
jack johnson, mama you been on my miind, i’m not there s/track
wood brothers, stealin
felice brothers, murder by mistletoe

black keys, lengths
patterson hood, heavy and hanging
drive-by truckers, tales facing up, pizza deliverance
wood brothers, pray enough, loaded
drive-by truckers, too much sex too little jesus,
antony, knockin’ on heaven’s door

top of the hour

felice brothers, wonderful life
breathe owl breathe, grand kids, canadian shield
dbt, love like this
breathe owl breathe, cape
wood brothers, don’t look back, loaded
garcia/grisman, sitting here in limbo, grateful dawg
felice bros, frankie’s gun
jeff tweedy, simple twist
wood brothers, loving arms, loaded
felice brothers, hey hey revolover, tonight at the arizona
“recording studio was struck by lightening during take, you can hear electro blip and the thunder.”
felice brothers, take this hammer, live, “”
“”, ballad of lou the welterweight, “”


drive-by truckers, president’s penis is missing, pizza deliverance
for the clinton campaign (hilary’s might be but bill’s certainly wasn’t)

over and out….

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