Collect Raindrops: the seasons gathered
, is a collection of cut-paper art by Washington graphic artist Nikki McClure. The collection evolved out of calendar projects and the illustrations are arranged into four seasons each preceeded by an essay alive with the sounds, smells and other sensory associations of the season. As a poet I felt that each page read like a poem, a short but vivid tribute to the natural surroundings out of which McClure takes her insipiration. I don’t have a coffee table otherwise I’d have a copy lying there, instead this will be added to my essential inspiration library in the Yab Yum Shack. To view sample pages from Collect Raindrops, go here. Reminds me a lot of the quirky vision and clean design style of Juneau’s own Sarah Asper-Smith’s Smack of Jellyfish work. While I’m on a design kick (yes this is my first post in the graphic design category and yes i’m a wanna be graphich designer with no ability what-so-ever) here are a couple of sites worth checking out, Design Observer and Bolt City (graphic artist, Kazu Kibuishi’s blog).

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