Letters from the North

Letters from the North is a project i’ve been actively involved with over the past year. We just wrapped up production on our third show. Here’s the lowdown on when it will air. Check out our audio archives of past shows here and if you’re an Alaskan writer get on board, this is your chance to try on a new genre, radio journalism.


On Tuesday, April 1st, at 8 pm (AKST), KTOO 104.3 FM will be airing the next “Letters from the North,” a showcase of Alaskan writers, storytellers, and poets.

This time around the theme is Work. The songwriting of Juneau musician and house painter, Buddy Tabor is featured in a special interview with Jonas Lamb. Other features include poetry by Katie Bausler and Jonas Lamb, a fishing story by Therese Harvey, Mark Gnadt of Barrow reads an essay about the toughest (and youngest) boss he’s ever worked for, Ginny Mahar shares an essay about her stint as a cheese monger, and Evelyn Richards asks some children that never-ending question: what do you want to be when you grow up?

If you aren’t in Juneau, you can listen to the broadcast live at http://www.ktoo.org/ . Just click the button that says “Listen Live” under KTOO News. Hope you can tune in, and if not, the archive should be up on the website soon after broadcast. Enjoy!

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