Covering the saturday night, Exile on Mainstream slot for my kids in Exile. Dig in.

artist, song, album

madlib, offbeat, beat konducta vol. 1
“”, toefat, “”
“”, left on silverlake, “”
shonen knife, faith healer, 712
sleater-kinney, oh, one beat
“”, one beat, “”
van halen, runnin’ with the devil, van halen
vhs or beta, euglama, bring on the comets
“”, love in my pocket, “”

cold war kids, soloist in the living room
the big sleep, little sister, sleep forever
“”, so long, “”
bitmap, dream brother, dream brother ( a tribute to jeff buckley)
phish, what’s the use, siket disc
engineers, song to the siren, dream brother
sun ra, some blues but not the kind that’s blue, some blues but not the kind that’s blue

primus, the antipop, antipop (for tallulah, runagainsthegrain.)
dj krush fet. boss the mc, candle chant (a tribute), japan for sale vo. 2
david byrne, in the future, the knee plays
jackie mittoo, hang em high, studio one funk
cedric im brooks, idleberg, “”
mmw fet dj logic, start stop, combustication
“”, night marchers (live), last chance to dance trance
spoon, i turn my camera on, gimme fiction
sun ra, i’ll get by, some blues but not the kind that’s blue
“”, my favorite things, “”


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