artist, song, album

final fantasy and ed droste, possibly maybe, enjoyed- a tribute to bjork’s “post” (STEREOGUM)
david byrne, tree (today is an important occasion), knee plays
high places, modern things, “”
dirty projectors, hyperballad
sigur ros, saeglopur, taak

white hinterland, i miss you , enjoyed- a tribute to bjork’s “post”
sigur ros, taak, taak
maybe it’s reno (bridget cross and crew), feathers and wings, maybe it’s reno (2008 teen beat)
spokane, proud graduates, a small commotion (jagjaguwar records)
spokane, the absentee, a small commotion
yoshinori sunahara, clipper’s discoteque break, japan not for sale vol. 3

top of the hour, station id, weather…

talking heads, houses in motion, the name of this band is the talking heads
“”. air, “”
steely dan, kid charlemagne, royal scam
steely dan, dr. woo, katie lied

nin, 1 ghost, ghosts I
nin, 5 ghosts, ghosts I
nobody and mystic chords of memory, the seed, tree colored see
sun ra archestra, that’s how i feel, lanquidity
maybe it’s reno, lullaby for sophie, maybe it’s reno

jimmy hendrix, new rising sun, voodoo soup
“”, belly button window, “”
“”, pali gap, “”

over and out

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