Inside the Poem Home

inside disregarded shack
full of and
haunted by
long-ago written poems
dust is falling
through angled light columns
to threadbare rug
and faded painted plywood

from outside
i imagine i am
with clear mind
hot tea,
focused and working
and not
with dogs
and jobs
and kids
and houses
and money
in mind

inside the poem home
i am a new man

i call the dogs
from down the beach
and go inside


4 thoughts on “Inside the Poem Home

  1. ya know… I have also thought of that. Who is to say that there really is a shack?!?!

    But then again, it is like reading the book, and then watching the movie, and then thinking: “who the hell had the idea to make it look like that, thats not at all what it looks like!!!” Only to find that you are watching a documentary and yes, that really is what it looks like.

    And then for the obligatory, “What was I thinking?”

    I do understand if you do not want to post your word temple… after all, it is a sacred place and the last thing you want to do is steal its sole for interwebal purposes. I wish i could draw what i imagine it to be.

    I will also settle for your “time lapse lawn chair”… thats a good band name.

    I know that my friend Jonas must live in a magical place.

  2. A difficult request…let me let that simmer for a few days. I’ve been contemplating taking some sequential photos of an old deck chair on the beach that gets overgrown by beach grass each summer and buried by snow drifts each winter. I’d like to take a picture a week for a year and then maybe use the best of each month for a calendar. The trick will be to get the shack in the background….

  3. Reading your poems, my mind has conjured many images of what this yab-yum shack may look like, different angles different views, but it always looks the same through my minds one good eye. May I ask that a picture be posted? Or must i only see the shack through your words?

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