Artist, Song, Album

My brother Kevin’s in the house, helping me pull new music and generally keep on task.

Kevin Breit and Harry Manx, better man’s waltz, in good we trust
“”, ship of fools, “”
“”, in good we trust, “”
Tangled up in Bluegrass, Don’t Think Twice, A Tribute to Bob Dylan
Ben Harper, Walk Away, Live from Mars
Ryan Adams, Carolina Rain, 29
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Carry On, Deja vu
Weezer, Hash Pipe, Green

Girls, Guns and Glory, Big Man, Little Wrecking Ball
The Wood Brothers, Twisted, Loaded
“”, Buckets of Rain, “”
Drive by Truckers, Little Bonnie, A Blessing and a Curse
Coldplay, A rush of blood to the head, live 2003
Drive by Truckers, Puttin’ people on the moon, The Dirty South
O.A.R., Whose Chariot?, Inbetween Now and Then

Have Gun Will Travel, Tanqueray Train, Casting Shadows as Tall as Giants
Wilco, Hell is Chrome, A Ghost is Born
Tom Waits, Knife Chase, Blood Money
Gogol Bordello, Harem in Tuscany, Super Taranta!
Jack Johnson, Go On, Sleep through the Static (2008 Brushfire)

Jim White and Aimee Mann, Static on the Radio, Drill a Hole in the Substrate
Coldplay, Shiver, Live 2003
Yeasayer, Wait for the Summer, All Hour Cymbals
Radiohead, Jigsaw falling into place, In Rainbows
Gomez, You, Me, and Everybody, Split the Difference.

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