Well, the mighty, mysterious, always apocryphal Tom Waits, unleashed a world tour this summer, and I missed it. Just couldn’t pull off any summer trips to the lower 48 or to europe. but the tour was on my radar and i got a good laugh out of the pre-tour press conference and thanks to sean, i got to experience the atlanta show from the fox theatre via the npr music webcast of the concert.

Here’s the setlist from atlanta, listen for yourself here, the man does not disappoint. i even read that at the dallas, tx show he asked the staff at the palladium to turn of the a/c prior to the show so his voice wouldn’t go, apparently that million dollar voice likes it hot.

Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga.
July 5, 2008

Lucinda / Ain’t Going Down to the Well?
Down in the hole
Falling down
Chocolate Jesus (Oh yeah, can’t get enough of this sweet candy)
All the world is green
Cemetery Polka
Cause of it all / ‘Til the money runs out
Such a scream
Hold on (That’s right, you don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops)
Black market baby (Yeah, sweet raga version!)
9th and Hennepin (a girl with a tattooed tear, one for every year…)
Lie to me
Lucky day
On the nickel
Lost in the harbour
Innocent when you dream
Hoist that rag
Make it rain
Dirt in the ground
Get behind the mule
Hang down your head
Jesus gonna be here

Eyeball Kid
Anywhere I lay my head

(setlist courtesy of The Eyeball Kid, http://www.eyeballkid.blogspot.com)

The band:
• Tom Waits: vocals
• Omar Torrez: guitar
• Larry Taylor: upright bass
• Casey Waits: drums, percussion
• Patrick Warren: keyboards, accordion
• Vincent Henry: Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor), harmonica

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