artist, song, album

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, get-well cards, Conor Oberst
“”, Milk Thistle, “”
The Postmarks, 3 little birds, By the Numbers 3(free download at emusic)
calexico, where the water flows, even my sure things fail

Bat for Lashes, A Forest (Cure cover), covers viii mixtape
tom waits, sea of love, orphans
sparklehorse (fet thom yorke), wish you were here, covers viii mixtape
conor oberst, i don’t want to die in the hospital, conor oberst
calexico, sprawl, even my sure things fail
tom waits, buzz fledderjohn, orphans
beirut, hallelujah, covers viii mixtape
tom wiats, lord i’ve been changed

my morning jacket, lay low, Okonokos (live)
spoon, revenge, 30 gallon tank EP
the raconteurs, together, broken boy soldiers
spoon, i could be underground, 30 gallon tank EP
the black keys, act nice and gentle, rubber factory
jj grey & mofro, she don’t know the truth, orange blossoms (2008 Alligator)

the wood brothers, still close, loaded
the wood brothers, postcards from hell, “”
the raconteurs, blue veins, broken boy soldiers
elvis costello, alibi, when i was cruel
the felice brothers, hey hey revolver, tonight at the arizona
“”, going going gone, “”
“”, Frankie’s Gun, “”
Willie Nelson and Calexico, Senor, I’m not There Soundtrack
david byrne and brian eno, strange overtones, everything that happens will happen today


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