artist, song, album

marc ribot, savanah, soundtracks
high places, sandy feat (7″), 2008 pitchfork music festival sampler
beirut, rhineland (heartland), gulag orchestar
atlas sound, river card, 2008 pitchfork sampler
the dodos, jodi, “”

dr. dog, army of ancients, fate
sigur ros, se lest, taak
the war on drugs, set yer sights, barrel of batteries
“”, arms like boulders,””
“”, sweet thing reprise, “”
sue jorge, don’t, cru
seth bernard, love mathematics for two, being this being

seth bernard, travel, being this being
“”, sinamaroo, “”
breathe owl breathe, grandkids, canadian shield
“”, old houses, “”
cold war kids, against privacy, loyalty to loyalty
cat power, metal heart, jukebox
cold war kids, golden gate jumpers, loyalty to loyalty
cat power, don’t explain, jukebox
cold war kids, every man i love, loyalty to loyalty

drive-by-truckers, purgatory line, brighter than creation’s dark
she and him, take it back, volume 1
cold war kids, relief, loyalty to loyalty
elvis costello, dust, when i was cruel
drive by truckers, sink hole, decoration day
shipwreck, devils, rabbit in the kitchen with a new dress on
spiritualized, all of my tears, pure
spoon, i turn my camera on, gimme fiction
“”, my mathematical mind, “”

over and out, roger, roger

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