I’ve been scouring the web with some regularily since finishing, Wild Ducks Flying Backwards in 2005, hoping to find some news of a new Tom Robbins book in the works. After two years without any Tom Robbins crack, i’ve been really fiending some lately. Some total escapist rampage through a jungle full of talking tea cups, spoons, shoes worn by witch doctors administering psychedelic bananas to army ants, you know the feeling, right? Finally this morning, I find some news, old news at that, guess it slipped my mind for some time. Leave it to TR to bring forth a hallucinagenic hymn to beer.

Keep your eyes out for B is For Beer, due out spring 2009. I wonder if B is TR’s answer to all those annoying sue grafton books and will be the first in a non-linear series of hymns and tributes to seemingly ordinary things. C is for Crockpot and D is for Datsun, etc…

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