artist, song, album

bobby previte and the new bump, set the alarm for monday, set the alarm for monday
“, drive south along the canyon, “”
anna ternheim, what have i done
bat for lashes, i’m on fire, live
the sea and cake, new schools, car alarm (2008 Thrill Jockey)
“”, mirrors, “”

ben allison, spy (detail), medicine wheel
victor berman, view of the islands, arriving at night
beck, chemtrails, modern guilt
victor berman, theatre of signs, arriving at night
beck, walls, modern guilt
tv on the radio, love dog, dear science (2008 interscope)

fujiya and miyagi, dishwasher, lightbulbs (2008)
tv on the radio, dlz, dear science
fujiya and miyagi, hundreds and thousands, lightbulbs


bryan eno and david byrne, home, everything that happens will happen today (2008)
“”, i feel my stuff, “”
beirut, gulag orkestrar, gulag orkestrar
the black heart procession, the visitor, amore del tropico
dr. dog, army of ancients, fate
(Happy Birthday Tallulah)
lucinda williams fet. buick six, tears of joy, little honey (2008 Lost Highway)
leftoever salmon fet. taj mahal, lovin’ in my babies eyes, nashville
she and him, you really got a hold on me, volume one
lucinda williams, if wishes were horses, little honey
breathe owl breathe, toboggan, ghost glacier EP
“”, your cape, “”
over and out

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