artist, song, album

drums and tuba, the sauce maker, vinyl killer (righteous babe records)
tin hat trio, invisible mobile, book of silk
beruit, nantes, the flying club cup
andrew bird, untitled, andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs (2008 righteous babe records)
“”, a nervous tic motion of the head to the left, “”

lucinda williams, well well well, little honey (2008 lost highway)
drive-by trucker, 3 dimes down, brighter than creation’s dark (2008 new west)
“”, the living bubba, ganstabilly
“”, sands of iwa jima, dirty south
bill frisell, mr. memory, nashville

smv (stanley clarke, marcus miller, victor wooten), grits, thunder (2008 heads up)
philadelphia experiment, ain’t that the truth, philadelphia experiment (2001 ropeadope)
bill evans, jade visions, at the village vanguard

indigone trio & strings, smacked, indigone trio & strings (2007 ropeadope digital)
post junk trio, at first glance, china town (2007 ropeadope digital)
drums and tuba, chapeau russia, vinyl killer
bill frisell, goodnight irene, east/west live
“”, a hard rain’s gonna fall, “”

sonic youth, i’m not there, i’m not there soundtrack
stephen malkmus and the million dollar bashers, cold irons abound, “”
the word, keep your lamp trimmed and burning, the word

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