Having attended the Kachemak Bay Writer’s Conference in 2006 and 2008 and shared extensively the work which has sprung from this wonderful weekend in Homer, I thought I’d take a minute to cross-post the following article from 49 Writers, No Moose. 49 Writers… is a blog authored by Alaskan author Andromeda Romano-Lax and includes news and opinions about reading, writing, and publishing from an author who happens to live in Alaska. Occasionally she’ll have contributions from other Alaskan writers like my buddy Jeremy Pataky who I met in 06 and have continued to correspond with since.

Read: Poetry, Prose, Pataky: Li-Young Lee and the Kachemak Bay Writer’s Conference at 49 Writers, No Moose.

In this post, Pataky introduces us to the KBWC and to the work of poet, Li-Young Lee who will be the keynote speaker at the 2009 KBWC. I’ve began reading Lee’s work and am especially fascinated with his collection, “Book of My Nights” from which I’ve drawn this excerpt from the poem, “Pillow”.

And night is a river bridging
the speaking and the listening banks,

a fortress, undefended and inviolate.

There’s nothing that won’t fit under it:
fountains clogged with mud and leaves,
the houses of my childhood.

from the poem, “Pillow” by Li-Young Lee

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