artist, song, album

tom waits, alice, alice
bill frissel, you can run, east west live
“”, heard it through the grapevine, “”
alvin youngblood hart, mama don’t allow, territory
bob dylan, ’till i fell in love with you, time out of mind
andrew bird, measuring cups, andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs
bon iver, flume, for emma-forever

arcade fire, intervention, neon bible
bruce springsteen, streets of fire, darkness on the edge of town
camera obscura, come back margaret, let’s get out of this country
blind melon, soup, nico
aimee mann, red vines, bachelor number 2
camera obscura, i need all the friends i can get, let’s get out….

elvis costello, tart, when i was cruel
carla kihstedt, tough guy, 2 foot yard
bjork, unravel, homogenic
“”, possibly maybe, post
bat for lashes, what’s a girl to do, fur and gold
“”, bat’s mouth, “”
dr john, croker courtbullion, gris a gris
“”, jump sturdy, “”
feufollet, moi et ma belle, tout un beau soir
jeff buckley, lover you shouldn’t have come over, grace
tom waits, walk away, dead man walking soundtrack

ryan adams, battering lines, heartbreaker
rolling stones, i got the blues, sticky fingers
ryan adams, come pick me up, heartbreaker

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