so much precipitation
with an identity crisis
spiralling earthward
gravity and uncertainty
pulling heavily upon its form
now snow, now rain
now something in between

i walk the streets
one boot in front of the other
deep slush, snow banks, rivers in the streets
i let the sky fall on me
disregarding its form
let it fall,
let the earth’s touch
shape it as it may

the heavy downpour stops
as an east wind fills
my jacket like a sail
and the sky reorders
itself as snow
brightening the grayness
of winter and afternoon
with so much white
i cannot find my way
through it without
becoming it

in my own uncertain form
i become just another object
in motion or in stillness
becoming white and soft
and illuminated
by the spotlight
of a million pieces
of falling sky
made temporarily more
certain by icefield breath
on the neck of
this city

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