Came across a wonderful blog a little while back called, 49 Writers and have been spending a lot of time reading very insightful commentary by fellow Alaskan writers about the creative process, the publishing industry and writer’s retreats among other topics. I was a featured guest blogger at the beginning of February and wrote about Rockwell Kent’s winter on Fox Island in Resurrection Bay.

This week the discussion focused on film and how writers cross-over into this world either by writing screenplays, working and researching a film-based journalistic exploration or by having stories optioned for film. In particular, David Marusek’s discussion of having his story, “The Wedding Album” optioned for film and loosing creative control of some of the language he coined in his fiction, like “free-range people.” Read a review of Marusek’s novel, “Counting Heads” in the New York Times Book Review, here.

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