Just a heads up, this may be my last CrossCurrents show for a while. Early mornings with child and radio is becoming a bit overwhelming. It’s been a great couple years with great listeners in a magical community of folks who give their souls to public radio. I’ll be on the radio sporadically as a sub and Finn will get his cameos in too. Over and out. -Jonas

artist, song, album

ben allison, mousetrap, medicine wheel
john hammond jr, clap hands, wicked grin
jim white, combing my hair in a brand new way, drill a hole in the substrate
“”, bound to forget, no such place
henry manx and kevin breit, steal 6, in good we trust
chris smither, seems so real, leave the light on
cat power, silver stallion, live emusic session EP
cat power, rambling man, live music session EP

calexico, crooked road and the briar, even my sure things fail
greg brown, betty ann, over and under
antsy pants and kimya dawson, tree hugger, juno soundtrack
moldy peaches, anyone else but you, “”
neutral milk hotel, in the aeroplane over the sea, in the aeroplane over the sea
“”, the fool, “”
beruit, guyamas sonora, flying cup club
nels cline singers, something about david h., the giant pin
of montreal, cato as pun, hissing fauna….
the raconteurs, you don’t understand me, consolers of the lonely

spoon, infinite pet, gimme fiction
the avett brothers, go to sleep, emotionalism
john hammond jr, murder in the red barn, wicked grin
“”, shore leave, “”
“”, get behind the mule, “”

over and out….

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