Sunshine in Juneau today. My oh my, that’s a good drug. almost as good a night of hand picked jazz, carefully brewed in the sun. Enjoy

Wes Montomery, twisted blues, while we’re young
philadelphia experiment, call for all demons (sun ra), philidelphia experiment
“”, trouble man theme, “”
sun ra, brainville, sun song
jimmy smith, one o’clock jump, midnight special
sun ra, calling all demons, sun song

mmmw, the lover, friday afternoon in the universe
dr. lonnie smith, paper tiger, boogaloo to beck
karl denson’s tiny universe, reminded of sunshine, kdtu

stanton moore III, when the levee breaks, stanton moore III
christian mcbride, technicolor nightmare, live at tonic
stanton moore III, chilcock, smIII

dirty dozen brass band, please let me stay a little longer, funeral for a friend
charlie hunter quartet fet. mos def on vocals, creole, songs from the analog playground
mmw, note bleu, the dropper
“”, the dropper, “”
the bad plus, giant, prog
chick corea, preparation 1, piano improvisations vol.2
mmw, rise up, live at tonic
chick corea, departure from planet earth, piano improvisations vol. 2

Over and out….

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