Google vs. Hathitrust

No holds barred cage match.  Well not exactly.  If  you’re on the “Google is Evil” side then you should check out the Hathitrust Digital Repository.  In the spirit of digital=accessible, a group of 25 university libraries have contributed their digital collections (though not all in full-text) to this open access project.  Ironically many of the digital versions of books included here sport the “digitized by Google” brand along with “Original from….” branding so even those with a sense of suspicion over Google’s long term vision for their Google Book Search project, will have to concede a certain amount of gratitude for the search engine giant’s efforts to preserve culture (despite potential long term commercial monopolization of digital versions).

Check out their stats so far:

Currently Digitized

2,913,728 volumes
1,019,804,800 pages
108 terabytes
34 miles
2,367 tons
452,740 volumes (~16% of total)
in the public domain

To learn more about the Google Book Search Settlement from a library perspective, check out this collection of links from Library Journal.

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