bob2Imagine my excitement when I heard that the Michigan trio, Breathe Owl Breathe would be rolling through town as part of the Homeskillet Records Roadshow.   While BOB isn’t on the Homeskillet label, but rather independent and on Earthwork and take their name from on of Micah Middaugh’s dreams,

The name Breathe Owl Breathe came from a dream I had. There was an owl that was cutting its way through the cold, still night. Whoever was doing the cinematography of the dream—my hat’s off to them. It was from the perspective of just above a field mouse scurrying through blades of grass. The mouse then found a little divot in the earth, laid down on its back, and gave a last breath. The breath rose up into the sky, passing by the owl’s beak.

Certainly an act whose quirky instrumentation and approach comes off best in a live setting, I fell in love with their sparse sound while living in Alaska and thinking longingly of my home, Michigan.  In a radio piece I did for Letters from the North ( #4 Home, scroll to 46:35), I featured the song, “Old Houses” as a backdrop to my story about finding home through musical channels.

So the show was incredible, a very attentive crowd, not the typical rowdy drunken disrespectful Alaskan crowd but one who got a kick out of BOB’s artful, folk music involving capes, finger pianos and imaginative sing-along theatrics.   I was a bit overwhelmed with reminiscence and stout to be an unbiased observer, but this was one of the better shows I’ve seen at the Alaskan and I noticed a strange glimmer in the eyes of several in attendance as they marveled in the glow you could feel emanating from Micah and Andrea who are so close lyrically, instrumentally and spiritually they seem to be breathing together.  If you missed them, catch them in Oregon during the next few weeks if you can.

Dig this latest video for the song, “Boat” to get an idea of the world they inhabit.

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