copyright Kurt Vonnegut Jr. artwork excerpt from Armaggedon in Retrospect

Just finished a quick read of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story, “2BRO2B’, (read it at Project Gutenburg)  a not-so quaint distopia set in a world not entirely unlike ours in which certain ‘population control’ measures have been put in place.  It’s been a while since I’ve read any Vonnegut, not since the 2008 posthumous release of, Armaggedon in Retrospect, and I had forgotten the unique flavor of humor his stories always evoke, similar in a way to some of Sherman Alexie’s humor, where you find yourself laughing but feel a little dark and sinister or guilty about laughing.  Anyway, this was also the first e-book I read on my iphone using a very cool little app called, Stanza.   I definitely think that poetry and short fiction translate really well in digital form and look forward to tracking down more short stories to read while riding the bus.  I’m so used to toting around a small backpack full of books only to find myself playing a baseball game on my iphone, this was a welcomed change of pace.

I’ll have my eye out for the 2nd release in the ‘previously unpublished’ series due out in October, Look at the Birdie.   If you’re in the market for some free ebooks or e-audiobooks for your preferred e-reader device, check out Manybooks, Feedbooks and the Baen Free Library (Sci-fi/fantasy only).   This one looks interesting, The Obnoxious Librarian from Hades, and no, I am not Dennie Heye.

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