laddsgeometryI’ve been exploring my new home, Portland, OR and trying not to allow too much time to bring upon uncreative funkiness but it happens.  Been doing a ton of bike riding, which has kept my spirits up quite a bit, amazing to have such bikable weather into November.   Have discovered some great coffee hangouts, beautiful neighborhood streets that go round and round and around fantastic rose gardens that even held blooms on november first and remind me of what the juneau-douglas bridge roundabout could be if anyone cared enough to plant some trees or flowers.  Two words, farmer’s market.  Good lovin’ after years of alaska grade produce.

Also been taking a Chinese Calligraphy course, Tang Dynasty Poetry in another saturday at marketregular and cursive scripts at PNCA and this has been stretching my brain in fantastic ways, to be so tuned into a culture that sets the writing of language above all other graphic arts. Here are a few shots of work I’ve done.

Looking forward to what looks to be a surreal event on Friday the 13th featuring the magic of the Filmusik ensemble, Gamera vs Guiron with live score, sound effects and dubbing.  Be sure to check out the trailer.


jo phone sort me pt. 2 579IMG_0829IMG_0774IMG_0833IMG_0832wild thing fur and horn bike

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