A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to get together with my friends Bridget Cross and George Kuhar of Maybe it’s Reno before they took off for their SXSW debut.  A night talking about poetry and music led us to the conclusion that we should do a little collaboration in the studio and it was a blast.  Here are a few tracks from the session that George decided to call, Zentown (because everything out of Portland is town something, bridgetown, stumptown…)  It’s all a bit rough, but I’m really happy with a few of the poems featured here especially the first poem, “Black Blood, White Flesh” which I wrote in the studio.  It was inspired by a live score that Bridget and George performed to the old silent vampire movie, Nosferatu in Juneau, AK in 2008.

Black Blood, White Flesh

Cataloger’s Poem

Zen and Three Leashes

Chirp of One Nuthatch

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