Lyrics are poetry and poetry is April and “I’m gonna start doing my own stunts, just because” and because Breathe Owl Breathe are one of my favorites and I’m super excited to hear that they are coming back to Pickathon in August and I’ll get to see them for the 2nd time in as many years!  And this video for “Own Stunts” off the forthcoming, Magic Central, is pure poetry.  I mean a skiing, shadowboxing, own-stunt-doing-jesus-look-a-like, complete with icicle beard, does it get much better than this?  I am very into the wordplay that Micah uses here as well, reminiscent of some of Andrew Bird’s finer songs.  Dig…I really like the fight scene with the dark rider with dog head!  Thanks Sean for the heads-up.

“I’m walkin’ down the path/ look down there’s a welcome mat/ underneath’s a trap door/ what’s on the other side?/ the spirit world/”

Reach out and touch someone....

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