Finn added two new states to his list of adventures last week.  As excited as he was about having to decide daily between the pool, the ocean or digging on the beach, he was equally as excited to learn that Georgia in addition to being the name of one of his favorite people was the name of a state.  It was great to get to see my mom, dad, brother and sister and for them to have the chance to royally spoil Finn for a few days.   The weather was thick and steamy, no shortness of sun and between fishing for bluegill, watching dolphins swim in the bath-like warmth of the Atlantic we had a blast.

We took a side trip inland through the South Carolina low country to check out Congaree National Park and do a little canoeing with our long lost friend, Golder, reborn Uncle Golder.  Will have to wait for his pictures for more from the Cypress Swamps.

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