While I love living in Alaska, it’s not typically a place of a lot of progressive thinking in terms of energy.   A typical Alaskan energy story includes the big 3 oil (BP, Shell,  Conoco -Phillips) companies pushing for more access to public lands for exploration somewhere of environmental or cultural significance.  Either that or some toxic spill they’re being fined some hand-slap amount for.

However, there are very cool things going down all over the state that never get good press which is why I was excited to read these two solid articles from the Fairbanks News-Miner highlighting the passive-energy projects of contractor Thorsten Chlupp.   What an amazing concept to be heating a home through an Alaskan winter with renewables!  Check out these river rock masonry heaters.  Note to self: disregard owner built fears and someday build a small home heated with passive solar energy and intelligent design.

Thorsten Chlupp’s Chena Ridge home.

Karl Kassel’s Murphy Dome Octagon Home.

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