Got that itch to stretch out a bit and use the audacity soundslinger to churn out some rebel radio.


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charles mingus/solo dancer/black saint and sinner lady
bettye laVette/sleep to dream/I’ve got my own hell to raise
remember/alberta adams/chess blues box set
dbt/go-go boots/go-go boots
howling wolf/forty-four/chess blues

justin townes earle/lone pine hill/the good life
dave rawlings machine/method acting>cortez the killer*/daytrotter session
*fet nate walcott on trumpet
felice brothers/hey hey revolver/tonight at the arizona
neil young/albuquerque/tonight’s the night
dbt/sante fe/big to do
twilight hotel/what do i know about love/when wolves go blind
twilight hotel/darkness/””

steve earle/satellite radio/washington square seranade
twilight hotel/ham radio blues/when wolves go blind
neil young/common’ baby let’s go downtown/tonight’s the night
dbt/get downtown/big to do
steve earle/way down in the hole/washington square seranade

over and out

2 thoughts on “Bloodcast_2

  1. Aha, that’s why I posted it because i knew those with a hunger for such things would find it! Hope you guys are having fun while listening wherever you may be….

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