Bad as Me: Hanging with Tom Waits

Well virtually hanging anyway in the front seat of a very rusty old car with a great set of speakers.  New Waits album, Bad as Me scheduled to drop on October 25th but it’s been leaked and Tom’s not too happy about it.  A spoiled birthday surprise so to speak.  I can understand wanting to hear the leaked album (especially  if you’re as hungry as me for everything this man touches  ie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus) but I’ll wait until the official release and buy a legit copy.  Tom is one of the few artists, maybe a handful that I have bought every album they’ve put out and not yet been disappointed.   So enjoy these snippets from the new album, climb inside that rusty listening booth and dig this

And if you missed this one from the Glitter and Doom tour announcement, check it out.

One thought on “Bad as Me: Hanging with Tom Waits

  1. Supposedly Amazon leaked the new CD last week… But man, I can’t wait to hear it, thus far the tracks on the little video are sounding quite amazing!

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