Progressive Energy Solutions AK

The continuing adventures of getting AK municipalities and homes off of oil….

Delta High School is gearing up to put their wood biomass boiler online to heat the 77,000 square foot school with the

option to expand to neighboring buildings.  Nice article in the Fairbanks News Miner, here.   Between grants from the Alaska Energy Authority and reimbursements for residential energy efficiency improvements from the Alaska Housing Finance Corps’ Home Energy Rebate program, Alaskans are kicking oil!

On the wood front, I’m excited to be nearing completion on the install of a salvaged Waterford 104 woodstove utilizing an existing masonry chimney in my 1915 home.  The plan this winter is to burn Idaho Energy Logs and pallet and construction waste scrap to supplement our electric forced air system.  Wood heat on the brain for sure!

2 thoughts on “Progressive Energy Solutions AK

  1. I think the Seward School district is looking into biomass heat also. Wood certainly is abundant around here, even if it is not the cleanest of options.

    1. Craig also. This is a really cool site with lists of alternative energy projects throughout the state, You are right about the whole biomass from wood sources being the cleanest of options but at least once it’s in its low moisture content compressed form it’s much more efficient than burning soggy cordwood and for the most part these biomass fuels are largely waste byproduct from existing mill activities (I think?).

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