If the naming of things
brings them into existence
poet and the poem

in poet, in poem
poem exists, is poet
is song, is silence
silence exists
silence shaped spaces
at edge of song,
in the breath between words
required a name

unnaming the world,
unclaiming it

opening poet mouth
poet unspeaks things
as if this world,
the names
drawn back in
returning to tongue
touching throat too
back into lungs and heart
and mind and hand and pen and ink
and then returning at last
to return

around, looking
the world, unnamed
lids closing over eyes

taken back, given back
to that before nameness
and meaningness
and the language to
measure and hold it

eyes, ears, mind, mouth

be three
song, name, world

be two
leech, blood

be one

Reach out and touch someone....

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