Time to learn

the boys dropped
off at school

the dog walked
and fed

the fire nursed
now roaring

and me
here beside it

dads need time
to learn

stories told
by silent houses
poetry books
and content dog looks

2 thoughts on “Time to learn

  1. What does turtle blood taste like you ask
    In an endangered species world, hard to be up to the task
    Save as a poet you share a common name
    Only knowledge but not a claim to fame
    The blood of the Ridley Turtle is with creativity clogged
    Thank God for expressive outlets, thank God for blogs
    Not salty, sour, bitter, or even sweet
    But your soul will rise up for its images to greet
    Take an Alaskan with turtle blood coursing through his veins
    Especially one not from Anchorage but one misted in Southeast rains
    Melded with the ocean waters pulling in a seine
    Where the blood of Service flows freely and does not wane
    Judge a man not by race, creed or the Rolex he uses to tell time
    But rather how well he listens, how well he emotes and how well he rhymes.
    That my friend is how the blood of a turtle will taste
    For a poem of the Alaskanpoet will never go to waste
    © December 11, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

    1. Thanks for the playful poem, Michael, for dropping by if only to consider what it might taste like. Curious, did twitter cascade you this way? I see elemnets of my twitter tagline in your poem. Regardless, keep on.

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