This is an ancient piece from another life but I just came across it again and Sand died this spring, or at least went to the great gig in the sky or saturn or something….

someone drew a picture on the wall in my living room. not really on the wall, but on some long sheets perforated dot matrix printer paper that we recycled by covering our walls with it, encouraging penned expression of all sorts. someone, we know not who, but someone close to our family, close enough to know that the dog, sand, has taught us a lot about living this life. he has chewed our cds, our remote controls, our power cords, our shelved guff foods, rice and beans. in one of the first weeks of our tutelage, sand showed us that all our jabbering about space being the place, the initial holding tank for the creative spark that ignited the so-called big bad bang that went and started up the all of this rambling and racing, the searching of the world that we know for something larger, something so big and important and mysterious and allusive that we might go so far as to call “the meaning”. he showed us that our dreams of space and of a universe that had much more to offer to our creative appetites than the dead end dreams of this dreamed out planet. he showed us this by eating a cassette tape containing the magnetic reproductions of the cosmic revolution of sun ra, the visionary, the old teacher. the before-sand-teacher. the writing on the wall tells me that sand is a bodhisattva. the scent in the neighborhood, in this city, tell all the dogs the same. tell them that this is sand’s territory. the dog sand, only a dog, only a white shepherd with a husky’s smiling eyes and ears, he only tells me the things that are important to my education. what he tells the other dogs, by leaving his ancient scent on the trees and garbage cans of the town, i may never know. what i know so far is that when my friends dog’s run away, we put sand on the porch (as bait) and they all come to our home. to the place sand knows as ours. to the front porch from which he beams his silent meditation to the dogs of the world. he seems to say, look your master in the eye and ask, who’s really the master? and just hold that stare, let the question be amplified by your dog eyed stare that seems to wait for an answer to a question they won’t believe you have asked. sand is a bodhisattva and humans and dogs alike are coming into the sphere of his scent- or wisdom, depending how you see things.

Reach out and touch someone....

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