Want, wake, woke
went, walk, where
across, along, amble
meadow, moraine, memory
through, transect, triangulate.

Walking, walk in-
wanting, want in,
into twelve-chambered heart,
chain berg-
chain saw-
What the heart saw.
What the twelve saw cut,
into three,
what the chain saw saw.
Waking to two-cycle song,

paring away ice
from wanting hearts.
Hearts hard-stuck together,
to get her.
Paring and pairing.
What good are twelve chambers
when frozen?

Heart power, horse power
with want for compression,
for ignition, blood-powered power
chainsaw chokes,
misfires. Adjust choke,
air needs fire needs air.
Hearts themselves want
for friction, fringe contact.
Finding form as each fisted-muscle,
is pared from ice,

pared from twelve chambered heart
warmed by chain saw tropics
spreading hot-steel-heat, pistons,
and butter warming,
cold chunk of hearts
spreading arteries, tissues
unbonding cells
captured in unmotion.

Severed now, severe need for
closeness, close and nest
not requiring flash freezing.

Hearts unbound from ice,
carved and parted,
warm and remaining close.

Begin, began, beating
again, always, airways
blood, birth, bonded.

Hearts again hearting,
circling each other’s valve-song
each four beats

each beet-shaped

Not in harmony
but in round.
Four beats circling
pulsing, pushing, powering.
Magnetic repetition,

helix, heart, hive.
Three times four, flood,
twelve openings and closings
coming and goings.

Even pared down,
three hearts from the twelve,
4 chambers each,
even separated
there is attraction, bond

Each beat a beacon
wanting. Three hearts.
Through three hearts.

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