Poetry of Parenthood

I get some pretty sideways looks when I tell people I’m writing a master’s thesis on the poetry of parenthood.  Don’t get me wrong, occasionally someone thinks that’s cool, though most of the time they send me stuff like this strip from Matthew Inman’s hilarious webcomic The Oatmeal .  Props though to Joan Kane for instead […]

Two Poets Talking

One of my favorite poets, David Budbill has been dealing with rapidly declining health lately and while the conversations I’ve had with him over the years have been marked by a striking optimism, the challenges of being a writer who is losing the physical ability to write are becoming too much for even the most […]

Writers’ Showcase

Excited for the opportunity to have the talented Clint Farr tackle my obsessive wood-stove rant poem this week on Writers’ Showcase. The event was recorded live for television and will be broadcast on 360 North on Thursday 3/31/16 at 8pm AKDT.  The archive is now also available (YouTube and the Writers’ Showcase site).  My segment […]

Jazz World | KRNN-Juneau

Saturday night sit-in at the station, amazing that I’ve somehow managed to stay away from sharing deep-bottomed jazz with the world so long, so selfish, so typical of people like me and this abstract, driven music, pulsing, this music. 7pm Desu (a slight return), Charlie Hunter, Charlie Hunter Hottentot, John Scofield + MMW, A Go Go […]

Did I mention…

…that I started an MFA program in May of 2015?  I’m finding it quite amazing that I’ve not posted since October 2015 despite a very productive writing period.  Glad to be working through draft after draft with the talented and generous Zack Rogow.  He’s so generous he’s giving away his sage advice on his blog. So […]