An Incomplete Musical Genealogy Pt. 1 [Playlist]

As some of you know, the early days of the internet circa 1998 were integral in shaping a very formative ten year period in which I built friendships, expanded my worldview through music and journeyed across the country to see live music. I recall using MapQuest to plan my routes, estimate drive times, total mileage, … Continue reading An Incomplete Musical Genealogy Pt. 1 [Playlist]

Taking the Afternoon Off

No painting here. No scraping or scrubbing.No Simple Green or bleach, no buckets.No brushes. No paint chips, leaded or unleaded.No ladders, no scaffolding propped upon the low end with wobbly cinder blocks. No harness or toprope.Nothing to prime. No overhead power lines to avoid.No tourists huffing it up the hilltelling you it’s looking good.