Southeast Soup

today's special: mid-winter gazpacho start with 4-5 feet dry as sugar powder snow, dusted, dumped and poured over the city of Juneau at varying rates for 5 days maintain powder snow at subzero temperatures for 3 days, drift with gale force winds for 2 days, and top with a 40 degree temperature increase and heavy … Continue reading Southeast Soup

XC 10.2.08

artist, song, album marc ribot, savanah, soundtracks high places, sandy feat (7"), 2008 pitchfork music festival sampler beirut, rhineland (heartland), gulag orchestar atlas sound, river card, 2008 pitchfork sampler the dodos, jodi, "" dr. dog, army of ancients, fate sigur ros, se lest, taak the war on drugs, set yer sights, barrel of batteries "", … Continue reading XC 10.2.08