Raising poets, growing poems

The rain screws up its face and falls to bits. Then it makes itself again. Only the rain can make itself again. –Adrain, age 4 Great article in Orion giving me hope that there are so many teacher poets changing vision and changing lives out there. Remember being a child? Remember learning to see? To […]

Light like Coal

So a friend of mine posted these very cool literal translations he learned the other day and I couldn’t help but work them into a poem. “Tlingit meanings my elder friend Marie taught me yesterday (the two words are the same in Tlingit). A language rooted in this place: black=coal blue=bluejay red=fire green=jade orange=alder white=snow” […]

Anything I can put ketchup on

To call them berries really is blasphemy too bitter without help of cinnamon, cloves, molasses these cranberries hanging in frosted bunches bagged to be boiled milled and canned this collecting, this pushing through dense brush down grown over logging roads, this speaking of the words hey and bear this balancing act of supermarket and backyard […]

The Beauty of the Non-Linear Browse

An interesting perspective (RANT) on the Future of Interactive Design from a former Apple User Interface designer.  Some very cool “potential technologies” on display in the video and pictures included in the post.  The author argues that the future of innovation should go beyond hands interacting with pictures under glass but should take into account the wonders […]

Progressive Energy Solutions AK

The continuing adventures of getting AK municipalities and homes off of oil…. Delta High School is gearing up to put their wood biomass boiler online to heat the 77,000 square foot school with the option to expand to neighboring buildings.  Nice article in the Fairbanks News Miner, here.   Between grants from the Alaska Energy Authority and reimbursements […]

Bad as Me: Hanging with Tom Waits

Well virtually hanging anyway in the front seat of a very rusty old car with a great set of speakers.  New Waits album, Bad as Me scheduled to drop on October 25th but it’s been leaked and Tom’s not too happy about it.  A spoiled birthday surprise so to speak.  I can understand wanting to hear […]

Pecha Kucha?

Hadn’t heard of this presentation style featuring 20 images for 20 seconds each in a slide show format.  Was checking some out and thinking about making one myself and this one featuring TEXTURE just struck me as wabi sabi to the core.  Simple, found beauty, object speaking for itself, white background.  Could work even without […]