An Incomplete Musical Genealogy Pt. 1 [Playlist]

As some of you know, the early days of the internet circa 1998 were integral in shaping a very formative ten year period in which I built friendships, expanded my worldview through music and journeyed across the country to see live music. I recall using MapQuest to plan my routes, estimate drive times, total mileage, … Continue reading An Incomplete Musical Genealogy Pt. 1 [Playlist]


Rebel radio live (not actually live but alive and kicking, screaming actually after this damn keyboard's tweaky deleting tendencies) from Los Anchorage which this evening is a paradise, blurring the lines between sea and sky, music and memory. So we tap a vein and let it run...Coming up music from Jonny Greenwood's score to the … Continue reading Bloodcast_3


Got that itch to stretch out a bit and use the audacity soundslinger to churn out some rebel radio. Stream Download mp3 intro charles mingus/solo dancer/black saint and sinner lady bettye laVette/sleep to dream/I've got my own hell to raise remember/alberta adams/chess blues box set dbt/go-go boots/go-go boots howling wolf/forty-four/chess blues justin townes earle/lone pine … Continue reading Bloodcast_2