a poem that nobody can understand

“I’d like to be on record as saying that anybody can write a poem that nobody can understand.” –Ted Kooser Thanks Ted, time to distill some of my recent works which are perhaps examples of the types of poems anybody can write (and nobody can understand). Time to focus on what it is about Billy […]


Found this found poem at twitter where i rarely roam as the shack_poet. Thanks Emily Wall for the prompt. knife found in muskeg, peat, rust browned blade fashions paper lantern into wings my departure under their power requires no jumper cables

Time to learn

the boys dropped off at school the dog walked and fed the fire nursed now roaring and me here beside it dads need time to learn stories told by silent houses poetry books and content dog looks

Dear Poet Project

This piece evolved from the Dear Poet Project, a program of the Academy of American Poets. Participants were encouraged to write a response letter the author. Poet Jennifer Vernon suggested crafting the letters in the form of a poem. This is my response to Toi Derricotte’s poem, Cherry Blossoms. The italicized line a branched heaven is […]

The Continuing Bewilderment of Fatherhood

Well we’ve made it almost 4 months into round two and I’d have to say that bewilderment continues to be the most constant theme in life since the arrival of our first adventure, Finnegan.  Having spent a few hours walking around town yesterday and on our bellies on the living room floor, Oscar, my second […]

The Eating Book

‘Let’s be done reading, Dad.  Let’s tell stories.’ So I begin… ‘Ok, this one starts in a tiny library in a tiny town.  And the library is so small it fits in a trailer which is great because the librarian has a big truck and sometimes he’ll hitch up the library and take it on […]