I gave up my regular CrossCurrents radio show in 2009.  You can still tune in and hear other local DJs doing the show, but I’ll be floating around covering shows as time allows.

Since that time I’ve compiled a few BloodCasts[Turtle Blood Radio] and shared them here for your listening pleasure.

If you’re looking for great lists of music to explore, check out the playlists collected at the link below.


Beginning in 2008, playlists for each week will be posted to the main page and archives (2008 +) will be available by clicking on Crosscurrents (in the categories list not the pages list) or using the function.

Go here for 2007 archived Crosscurrents playlists.

11 thoughts on “[Radio]

  1. thanks Caleb. got my hands full, will did the Trucks next time. Totally got hooked on Gustavo Santaolalla, who did the soundtracks to Babel, 21 Grams, Brokeback Mountain and Motorcycle Diaries. I’m trying to track em all down. We’ve got Babel at the station, but will have to also wait till next week. thanks for tuning in and hey, hook me up with some of that coffee….

  2. jonas, great show! really getting my morning going…, or maybe that’s the hallucinagenic coffee…, oh well.

    oh yeah…, check out The Trucks!

  3. jonas!

    New Seth Bernard concoction with about 11 different and great MI musicians… Airborne or Aquatic. You will love it if you get your hands on it. I think the official release is in Dec, but if you contact Seth, or contact Susan at http://www.foxonahill.com

    One of those two might be able to get you a copy.

    Pure MI music, more along the rock and roll side than the folk side.

    Miss ya,

  4. “The Pollenated Girls” is from Swan Lake’s album Beast Moans and is in the KTOO library under new rock. a lot of the album is unlistenable, but there were a few softer tracks…

  5. Thanks for tuning in. The Frequency was a good find, I’ll try to get more on next week. Though the EP is strong, I checked out the full-length and it was like a totally different sound, like it could have been a different band, but wasn’t.

  6. Hi…being a fan of Pink Floyd I really enjoyed En Film by The Frequency. I haven’t heard of them but would like to hear that track again or something else if you have it.


  7. Enjoyed your show yesterday, 3/22, especially song by Robinella, Brand New Key. Thanks and keep up the good work! I’ll be listening from Michigan whenever I can!

  8. Even thought the claypool was a bit crazy I was totally into it. Wish I could have heard the first set but I had computer issues for the entire first hour of your show and listening was impossible. Next time

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