archived Crosscurrents playlists


artist, song, album

indigone trio and strings, visions, self titled (2007 ropeadope digital)
“”, throughout, “”
hungry ghosts, coma, alone, alone
post junk trio, at first glance, chinatown
radiohead, nude, in rainbows
air, mayfair song, pocket symphony

a breath taken, and on we go…..

antizario, mustachio’s seduction by candlelight, it’s great to be fine
“”, movie trivia, “”
air, space maker, pocket symphony
antizario, a fine piece of sound, it’s great to be fine
medeski, martin and wood, seven deadlies, live at tonic

Folkishier set featuring the talented and magical Earthworks, Fox on a Hill artists….
Thank you Susan at Fox on a Hill for the promos!

mushman, eddie’s balloon, eddie do
“”, from the clouds looking down (inst.), “”
“”, from the ground looking up (inst), “”
“”,intermission, “”
“”, eddie’s lament, “”
dan kahn, in my doorways, river mouth
rachael davis, please, please papa, antebellum queen
seth bernard, overhaul, unreleased
breathe owl breathe, kids+cats, canadian shield (2007 earthworks)
sari brown, these sweet hills, for what is the journey (jeremy kittel on violin)
seth brown and friends, dinosaur, live at kraftbrau brewery (kalamazoo, mi)
steppin’ in it, (boom)clank, last winter in the copper country


traveling wilburys, rattled, tw v. 1
“”, dirty world, “”
wilco, you are my face, sky blue sky




artist, song, album

A tribute to Gustavo Santaolalla, Argentinian musician and film score/soundtrack composer and producer. Films under Santaolalla’s credit are Babel, Brokeback Mountain, Motorcycle Diaries, 21 Grams. This morning I’ll feature music from Babel and Motorcycle Diaries and hopefully by next week I’ll have tracked down the 21 Grams and Brokeback Mountain soundtracks and we’ll visit the worlds evoked by those scores. Sit back and enjoy a journey through Morocco, Tijuana and Tokyo.

gustavo santaolalla, deportation-iguazu, Babel
“”, apertura, Motorcycle Diaries (md)
“”, sendero, inst., md
“”, zambita, md
“”, hiding it, babel
Maria Esther Zamora, “Politico” Gonzalez, Jorge Lobos, Cuti Aste,
Roberto Lindl, CHIPI CHIPI, MD

Blanquito Man; Control Machete & Celso Pena y Su Ronda Bogota, Cumbia Sobre El Rio, Babel
Rip Slyme, Masterpieces, Babel (Japanese Hip-Hop)
Gustavo Santaolalla, walking in tokyo, Babel
Susumu Yokota, gekkoh, Babel

Ryuichi Sakamoto, only love can conquer hate, Babel
Hamza El Din, the Visitors, Babel
Gustavo Santaolalla, the master, Babel

break, top of the hour

Nortec Collective, babel, Babel
Gustavo Santaolalla, la partida, md
Fujiya & Miyagi, Cylinders, transparent things
beastie boys, suco de tangerina, the mix up
“”, off the grid, “”
antizario, go find yourself, it’s great to be fine (2007, ropeadope digital)
antizario, jump the shark, it’s great to be fine
“”, movie trivia intermission 2, “”
cinematic orchestra, exit music for a film, exit music radiohead tribute

post junk trio, at first glance, chinatown (ropeadope digital)
orchestra baobab, ndiambaane, bamba
post junk trio, deep sea disco

over and out.


artist, song, album

bat for lashes, trophy
Marco Benevento, the weathermen
pj harvey, dear darkness, white chalk
“”, when under ether, “”
gillian welch, my morphine, hell among the yearlings

jim white, christmas day, music from searching for the wrong eyed jesus
Lucinda williams, words, West (2007 Lost Highway)
Utah Carol, Ruby, Paste Sampler 35
RF & Lili De La Mora, Through the Trees, Eleven Continents
Hammock, Shipwrecked flat on your back
Kaki King, Jessica, Until we Felt Red

top of the hour

Backyard Tire Fire, Downtime, Paste Sampler 28
drive by truckers, outfit, live at austin city limits
Yo la tengo, moby octopad, i can hear the heart beating as one
cat power, love and communication, the greatest
kaki king, ?????,

garage a trois, gat swamba, emphasizer
devendra banhart, samba vexillographica, smokey rolls down the canyon
“”, sea horse, “” (the middle section reminds me of The Soft Parade by the Doors)
“”, shabop shalom
the doors, soft parade, soft parade
arcade fire, neigborhood 4 -7 kettels, funeral



artist, song, album

1. Bat for Lashes, Sad Eyes, Fur and Gold
2. Devendra Banhart, Rosa, Smokey rolls down the canyon
3. “”, I remember, “”
4. Arcade Fire, Crown of Love, Funeral
5. Devendra Banhart””, The Other Woman, “”

(this needs to be double checked)
6. Sea Wolf, Winter Windows, Leaves in the River
7. Kaki King, Doing the Wrong thing, Legs to make us longer
8. Sea Wolf, The Cold, The Dark and the Silence, Leaves in the River
9. The Foundry Field Recordings, Fallout Stations, Fallout Stations EP (2007 Emergency Umbrella)
10. Arcade Fire, In the Backseat, Funeral
11. Foundry Field Recordings, Transistor Kids

oops didn’t save, missing middle section, will add later

1. Frank Zappa- Ensemble Modern, G-Spot Tornado, Yellow Shark
2. “”, The Girl in the Magnesium Dress, “”
3. Garage a Trois, House of Handwash, Emphasizer
4. Frank Zappa- EM, Outrage at Valdez, Yellow Shark
5. “”, Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America 1992, “”
6. Garage a Trois, delta skelta, emphasizer
7. Jimi Hendrix, Still Raining, Still Dreaming, Electric Ladyland

1. Harlem Experiment, Mum’s Interlude, Harlem Experiment (2007 Ropeadope)
2.””, One for Malcolm, “”
3.””, Rose in sp. harlem (inst.), “”
4.Tom Tom Club, Lesbians by the Lake, The Good the bad and the Funky
5. “”, soul fire, “”
6. “”, She’s a Freak, “”
7. “”, Superdreaming, The Good the Bad and the Funky

Wow, what a Tom Tom groove, smoothe synth driven dub, wash me in it, wash me, wash……


featuring dj tallysu and all night finnegan

Madlib, West Zone (coastin) Beat Konducta vol. 1-2
“”,Filthy, “”
“”, Toe Fat, “”
Madlib, Indian Hump, Beat Konducta vol. 3-4 in india
Galactic, Sidewalk stepper, From the Corner to the Block (2007)
Fujiya and Miyagi, In one Ear and Out the Other, transparent things
Madlib, Tape Hiss, BK vol 2
Groundtruther fet. John Medeski, Bathymetic, Altitude

Los Amigos Invisibles, Intro, Arepa 3000 a venezuelan journey into space
“”, Arepa 3000, “”
Groundtruther, Warsaw Radio Mast, Altitude
Lake Trout, Stutter, Another One Lost
King Crimson, I talk to the Wind, Earthbound
Girls, Death in Vegas, Lost in Translation (soundtrack)
The Trashcan Sinatras, Obscurity Knocks, Cake (1989 Go! Discs….ha)

Saul Williams, Sunday Bloody sunday, The inevitible rise and liberation of niggytardust
“”, Skin of the Drum, “”
Garage a Trois, A-Frame, Emphasizer
Tom Tom Club, Holy Water, the good the bad the funky
“”, Who feeling it, “”
Cibo Matto, King of Silence, Stereo Typea
Cloud Cult, Happy Hippo, Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus
Groundtruther, Course made good, Longitude with DJ Logic
Les Claypool’s FF Frog Brigade, Riddles Are Abound Tonight, Live Frogs Set
Groundtruther, Medicean Sea, Longitude with DJ Logic

Gigi, Tew Ante Sew, Illuminated auio
Galactic, sidewalk stepper, from the corner of the block
Gigi, Sew Argen, Illuminated audio
bobby previte, the ministry of the truth, the coalition of the willing
disco biscuits, morph düsseldorf

oops i dropped an f-bomb on the outro….


11.22.07 Turkey Day

artist, song, album

Drive by Truckers, Goddam lonely love
Seth Bernard, travel, Being this Being
“”, May’s Waltz
Bruce Springsteen, Highway Patrolman, Nebraska
Feist, When I was a Young Girl, Let it Die
Sufjan Stephens, Ring them Bells, I’m Not There (soundtrack)
Billy Bragg & Wilco, California Stars, Mermaid Hotel Vol. 1
“”, Way over Yonder in the Minor Key, “”


Breathe Owl Breathe, White Buffalo, climb in
“”, untitled, ”
“”, home,
Greg Brown, Smell of Coffee, Milk of the Moon
Cat Power, Good Woman, You Are Free

top the hour-

Arlo Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant Massacree Happy Thanksgiving Juneau!

Greg Brown, If You Don’t Get it at Home, Solid Heart
Scrapomatic, So Much Love, Aligator Love Cry
The Wood Brothers, That’s What Angels Can Do, Ways Not To Loose
Bat for Lashes, I’m on Fire, Fur and Gold
Townes Van Zandt, Tecumseh Valley, Steve Earle-Townes Van Zandt-Guy Clark at Bluebird Cafe
Charlotte Gainsbourg & Calexico, Just Like A Woman, I’m Not There Soundtrack (2007)
Jim White and Amy Mann, Static on the Radio, Drill a Hole in the Substrate and Tell me….
The Wood Brothers, Where my baby might be, Ways Not To Loose



artist, song, album

1. Brian Reitzell & Roger J. Manning Jr., Shibuya, Lost in Translation Soundrack
2. Kevin Shields, Are You Awake, “”
3. Pink Floyd, Shine on you Crazy Diamond Pt. VII-IX
4. Air, Alone in Kyoto, “”
5. Liu Sola, A discourse on the zither, The Broken Zither
6. Tom Waits, Shoreleave, Swordfishtrombones

1. Bat for Lashes, Tahiti, Fur and Gold (2007 Caroline)
2. Luca, Bitten, Fractions (2007 Funzalo) (oops restart)
3. Bat for Lashes, Sarah, Fur and Gold
4. Slow Learner, Martyr, In Their Time they are magnificent (2007 Self Learner)
5. Iron & Wine + Calexico, Red Dust, In the Reins
6. “”, 16-Maybe Less, “”

1. Ween, Object, La Cucaracha (2007 Chocodog)
2. Sonic Youth, Unmade Bed, Sonic Nurse
3. Perry Farrell, The Solutionists, Satellite Party Ultra Payloaded (2007 Columbia)
4. Detroit Experiment, Space Odyssey, Detroit Experiment
5. Philadelphia Experiment x3 (artist, song, album)
6. Manu Chao, Politik Kills, La Radiolina (2007 Nactional)
7. JJ Grey & Mofro, Circles, Country Ghetto
8. Eddie Vedder, End of the Road, Into the Wild (soundtrack)
9. Iron and Wine, Kingdom of Animals, Boy with a Coin EP
10. PJ Harvey, Horses in My Dreams, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
11. “”, We Float, “”

1. Wilco, You are my Face, Sky Blue Sky
2. Tom Waits, Trouble’s Braids, Swordfishtrombones

later folks


artist, song, album

1.Sigur Ros, Takk, Takk
2.Brokeback (Douglas McCombs of Tortoise on bass), Wilson Ave. Bridge in Chicago River 1953, Field
Recordings from the Cook County Water Table
3.””, Returns to the Orange Grove, “”
4.Sigur Ros, Glosoli, Takk
5.””, Se Lest, “”


1.Rjd2, Someone’s Second Kiss, Since we Last Spoke (2004)
2.””, One Day
3. Lake Trout, Say Something, Another One Lost
4.Of Montreal, A sentence of sorts in Kongsviger
5.Radiohead, Weird Fishes_Arpeggi, In Rainbows
6.Radiohead, Fog, Amnesiac B-sides
7. DJ Logic, Black Buddha, Anomoly
8.Soulive, Callin’, No Place Like Soul
9.B-52s, Junebug, Cosmic Thing

1.Over the Rhine, Trouble (for Tallulah)
2. Charlotte Gainsbourg & Calexico, Just Like A Woman, I’m Not There Soundtrack (2007)
3.Lila Downs, Aqua de Rosas, La Cantina
4.Yohimbe Brothers, No pistolas, Tao of Yo
5. GD, Wharf Rat, The Closing of the Winterland (For Kevin)
6. Cat Power, Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, I’m Not There Soundtrack
7. John Doe, Pressing On, “”



artist, song, album

1. Radiohead, Reckoner, In Rainbows (self released 2007)
2. Iron and Wine, Boy with a Coin, Shepherd’s Dog (2007 Subpop)
3. Bat for Lashes, Seal Jubilee, Fur and Gold (2007 Caroline)
4. PJ Harvey, The Wind, Is This Desire?
5. Bat for Lashes, What’s a Girl to Do, Fur and Gold
6. The Broadcast, Valerie, HaHa Sound (2003 Warp)

1. Beck, Lost Cause, Sea Change
2. Sea Wolf, Leaves in the River, Leaves in the River (2007 dangerbird)
3. Wilco, Impossible Germany, Sky Blue Sky (2007 nonesuch)
4. Manchester Orchestra, Where have you been?, Like a virgin loosing a child (2007 Canvasback)
5. Tom Waits, Tell it to Me, Orphans: Bawlers (2006 Anti)

1. Bat for Lashes, I’m on Fire, Fur and Gold
2. Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, I’m on Fire, In Good we Trust
3. Bat for Lashes, Tahiti, Fur and Gold
4. Radiohead, Nude, In Rainbows
5. Yo La Tengo, Be thankful for what you got (William DeVaughn), Little Honda
6. Yo La Tengo, By the time it gets dark, Little Honda
7. Groundtruther, #5, Longitude

1. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, 100 Days, 100 Nights, 100 Days, 100 Nights (2007 Daptone)
2. “”, Nobody’s Baby, “”
3. “”, When the other foot drops, Uncle, “”
4. The Greyboy Allstars fet. The Living Sisters, How Glad I am, What Happened to TV?
5. Marc Broussard, Let the Music Get Down in your Soul, SOS (Save our Soul) (2007 Vanguard)
6. Campbell Brothers, Don’t let the devil ride, Can You Feel It?
7. “”, A Change is Gonna Gome, “”



artist, song, album

1. Brokeback, After the Internationals*, Field Recordings from Cook County Water Table
2. The Harlem Experiment, Harlem River Drive (fet. Steven Bernstein on Trumpet), The Harlem Experiment (Promo…release 10/30)
3. Radiohead, Life in a Glass House, Amnesiac B sides
4. Hope Sandoval, On The Low, Sprout: Original Motion Picture soundtrack


1. Charlie Hunter Quartet fet. Mos Def, Creole, Songs from the Analog Playground
2. Mad Lib, Indian Deli, The Beat Konducta Vol 3-4 in India
3. “”, The Rumble, “”
4. DJ Logic, Something Distant, Zen of Logic
5. Harlem Experiment, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (featuring Don Byron on clarinet), Harlem Ex. (forthcoming on Ropeadope)
6. Jolie Holland, Amen, Escondida
7. And the Devil Makes Three, Shades, …
8. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Nowhere to Run, Anthology
9. Joe Cocker, Every Time It Rains, Respect Yourself
10. Ray Charles, What Kind of Man Are You, Birth of Soul
11. Ray Charles, Early in the Mornin’, Birth of Soul
12. Madeleine Peyroux, a little bit, half the perfect world
13. Madeleine Peyroux, (looking for) the heart of Saturday night, half the perfect world


1. Radiohead, Nude, In Rainbows
2. The Flaming Lips, The Spark that Bled, The Soft Bulletin
3. Radiohead, Faustarp, In Rainbows
4. Wilcow, Hell is Chrome, A Ghost is Born
5. Tom Waits, Phillipino Box Spring Hog, Mule Variations
6. Tom Waits, Watch Her Disappear, Alice
7. PJ Harvey, The Devil, White Chalk (2007 Island Records)
8. “”, Dear Darkness, “”
9. Arcade Fire, Black Mirror, Neon Bible
10. Talking Heads, Mind, Fear of Music

over and out…back in two weeks…Go Indians!



artist, song, album

1. Sufjan Stevens, Tequamenon Falls, Michigan
2. Tom Waits, Alice, Alice
3. Deodato, Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001), Prelude


1. Over the Rhine, I don’t Wanna Waste Your Time, The Trumpet Child (2007)
2. The Detroit Experiment- Regina Carter & Gerri Allen, There is a G-D, The Detroit Experiment
3. Cesaria Evora, flor di nha esperanca, Cafe Atlantico
4. Yohimbe Brothers, Shape 4, The Tao of Yo
5. “”, Noh Rio , “”
6. The Wood Brothers, Atlas, Ways Not To Loose


1. Antibalas, Elephant, Who is This America?
2.Stereo MCs, Breeze, Deep down & Dirty
3. Sharon Jones, This Land is Your Land, Naturally
4. Philadelphia Experiment fet. Christian McBride Bass solo, Just the Two of Us, Philly X


1. Buffalo Springfield, Four Days Gone (Demo), 1967-68
2. Waterboys, Old England, This is the Sea
3. Ryan Adams, Hotel Chelsea Nights, Love is Hell
4. Marco Benevento, Seems So Long Ago Nancy (Leonard Cohen), Live at Tonic
pitching break over….
5. “”, You Must Be a Lion, “”
6. Ryan Adams, 29, 29

over and out….Thanks for supporting K3, people’s radio in Juneau Alaska…


artist, song, album


1.Hungry Ghosts, I don’t think about you anymore*, Alone, Alone
2.””, Interlude 2 (percussion)*, “”
3.Sigur Ros, Heysatan, Takk
4.””, Remember what it was like to Float?*, Alone, Alone
5.Sigur Ros, Andvari, Takk (Thanks, Icelandic post-rock band, 2005)

6.The Book of Knots, Traineater, Traineater (2006- Anti)
7.Hot Tuna, Third Week in the Chelsea, Live in Japan
8.Morphine, Like Swimming, Like Swimming
9. Marco Benevento (trio), Fearless* (Pink Floyd), Live at Tonic (2007 Ropeadope)
10. Antibalas, Big Man, Who is this America? (afro-beat from brooklyn, ny)

break, top of the hour/weather

1.Poets of rhythym, moira, discern define
2.”, discern define*, ”
3. Sharon jones and the dap kings fet. Lee fields, stranded in your love, naturally (brooklyn, ny)
4.Sharon Jones, This land is your land, naturally (Daptone Records)
5. Merl Saunders & Friends, Bolinas Brown, Keepers (live 1974)

Kevin announces “Bolinas Brown” and upcoming Experiment tracks…

1.Marcus Belgrade: The Detroit Experiment, Space Odyssey, DE (detroit, mi) on Ropeadope records
2. The making of The Harlem Experiment (forthcoming 10/30/07 ropeadope) preview fet. Producer Aaron “Ace” Levinson
3. Philadelphia Experiment, Philadelphia Freedom, Phily X (Ropeadope)

see ya next week, pledge drive time…



artist, song, album

let’s try something new…


1. The Cinematic Orchestra, Postlude*, Man with a Horn
2.MMW, Bloody Oil, End of the World Party* (just in case)
3.Sex Mob, You Only Live Twice*, Sex Mob does Bond
4.Galactic fet. Trombone Shorty*, Tuff Love, From the Corner to the Block
5. “”, Sidewalk Stepper (inst.), “”
6.MMW, Ice (inst.), End of the world…
7. dj logic, simmer slow, zen of logic (2006 Ropeadope)
8. marco benevento, fearless (pink floyd from meddle), live at tonic (2007 Ropeadope)


1-Modest Mouse, Once Chance, Good News for people ….
2-Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild side, walk on the…
3-Nobody and the Mystic chords of memory, the seed, tree colored see
4-Madlib, Left on silverlake (cue to :30), the beat konducta vol. 2
5-madlib, friends (foes), beat konducta vol. 2

6-the benevento russo duo, vortex *, best reason to buy the sun
7-”, bronko’s blues *, ” ”
8-marco benevento fet. RANA guitarist Scott Metzger , carnival of souls *, live at Tonic
9-jim white fet. Amy mann, static on the radio, drill a hole in the substrate and tell me…
10-marco benevento, record book *, “”


1.spoon, rhythm and soul, ga ga ga ga
2.””, black like me, “”
3. derek trucks band, crow jane, songlines
4.””, mahjoun *, “”
5. Dire Straits, in the gallery, dire straits
6.Marcus Belgrade: The Detroit Experiment, Space Odyssey, DE





artist, song, album

1. Madlib, Indian Hump, The Beat Konducta vol. 3 In India
2. “”, Dancing girls theme, “”
3. “”, Piano Garden, “”
4. Bob Marley, Duppy Conquerer Dub, Songs of Freedom
5. Cinematic Orchestra, Familiar Ground, Ma Fleur (2007 Ninja Tune)
6.””, Ma Fleur, “”
7. Bob Marley, Trenchtown Rock Dub, Songs of….


1. Sven Libaek, Open Sea Theme, The Life Aquatic Soundtrack
2. Seu Jorge, Rock n’ Roll Suicide, “”
3. Toots and the Maytals, Pain in my Heart, Light your Light (2007 Concord)

sorry playlists impossible, unhappy baby in arms…. to be continued….



artist, song, album

1. Damon Albarn, Spoons, Mali Music
2. Sim Redmond Band, Arms around the Sun, Good Thoughts
3. Seu Jorge, Oh You Pretty Thing, The Life Aquatic Soundtrack
4. Devendra Banhart, Quedate Luna, Sawkill River
5. Tosca Tango Orchestra, Ballade 4 part 1, Waking Life Soundtrack


1. Seu Jorge, Don’t, CRU
2. Alvin Youngblood Hart, Underway at Seven, Territory
3. Tin Hat Trio, Interlude, The Rodeo Eroded
4. Cat Power, The Greatest, The Greatest
5. Tom Waits Ol’ 55, Closing Time
6. “”, I hope that I don’t fall in love with You, ” “
7. Bright Eyes, 4 Winds, Cassadagga
8. Wilco & Billy Brag, California Stars, Mermaid Hotel

1. Alvin Youngblood Hart, Mama don’t allow, Territory
2. JJ Cale, Sensitive Kind, Live
3. Gillian Welch, Whiskey Girl, Hell Among the Yearlings
4. “”, The Devil had a Hold of Me, “”
5. Wilco, Company in my Back, A Ghost is Born
6. Neko Case, Blacklisted (live), The Tigers have Spoken
7. Ryan Adams, I taught myself how to grow old, Easy Tiger (2007)
8. Over the Rhine, I don’t wanna waste your time, The Trumpet Child (2007)
9. Elvis, This is my Heaven, Elvis in the Movies
10. Over the Rhine, If a song could be president, The Trumpet Child
11. The Avett Brothers, Weight of Lies, Emotionalism
12. Television, Little Johnny Jewel, Live at the Old Waldorf SFran 6/29/78
13. elvis presley, love me tender________


artist, song, album

1. Brokeback, After the Internationals, Field Recordings from Cook County Water Table
2. Yo La Tengo, Green Arrow, I can Hear the Heart Beating as One
3. Radiohead, Kinetic, Amnesiac B-sides
4. Jim White, Bluebird, Drill a hole in the substrate and tell me what you see
5. Yo La Tengo, Shadows, I can hear the heart…


1.Ryan Adams, Wonderwall, Love is Hell
2. Yo La Tengo, my little corner of the world, I can hear the heart…
3. Radiohead, ??? , Amnesiac B-sides
4. Air, Space Maker, Pocket Symphony
5. Sisters Euclid, Ohio, Run Neil Run


1. Feist, Mushaboom, Let it Die
2. Radiohead, Life in a glass house, Amnesiac b-sides
3. JJ Cale, Magnolia, Live
4. Scrapomatic, Monkey Card, Aligator Love Cry
5. JJ Cale, Pretty Mama, Anthology
6. Ryan Adams, Two, Easy Tiger (2007 Lost Highway)


1. Howlin’ Wolf, Look a here Baby, Ain’t gonna be your dog
2. “”, California Blues #1, “”
3. “”, Mamma’s Baby, “”
4. “”, Tail Dragger (alt. take), “”
5. Campbell Brothers, Don’t Let the Devil Ride, Can you Feel it?
6. Mofro, Ten Thousand Islands, Lochloosa
7. Drive by Truckers, Puttin’ People on the Moon, Dirty South
8. Gov’t Mule wsg Col. Bruce Hampton, Spoonful, The Benefit Concert Volume 1.


1. Tom Waits, A little Drop of Poison, Orphans

over and out…



artist, song, album

1. Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Better man’s waltz, In Good We Trust (2007 Stony Plain)
2. Tom Waits, The Long Way Home, Orphans
3. Chris Smither, Leave the Light On, Leave the Light On
4. Scrapomatic, The Long Way Home, Aligator Love Cry (2006 Landslide)
5. Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Sisters , In Good We Trust
6. “” “”, Bottom of the Hll, “” “”
7. Scrapomatic, Louisiana Anna, Alligator Love Cry
8. ” “, Horsemeat, ” “
9. Brett Dennen, She’s Mine, So Much More


1. Scrapomatic, Lotus, Alligator Love Cry
2.Travis, 3 Times and You Lose, The Boy With No Name (2007 Epic)
4. The Magic Numbers, This is a Song, Those the Brokes (2007 Astralworks)
5. Travis, One Night, The Boy with no Name
6. The Derek Trucks Band, I’ll Find My Way, Songlines (2006 Sony)

top of the hour

1. Sea Wolf, You’re A Wolf, Get to the River Before It Runs too Low (2007 Dangerbird)
2. Marc Broussard, If I could build my whole world around you, SOS (Save our Soul)
3. Marc Ronson, Valerie fet. Amy Winehouse, Version
4. The Police, Bring on the Night, Regatta de Blanc
5. “” , Walking on the Moon, ” “
6. Cary Brothers, Ride, Who are You? (2007 Bluhammock)
7. Polyphonic Spree, Together We’re Heavy> Running Away, Fragile Army (2007 Good)


1. Medeski, Martin and Wood, Where’s Sly, Last Chance to Dance Trance (1991-1996 best of)
2. “”, Bemsha Swing> Lively Up Yourself, ” “
3. “”, Dracula, “”
4. Jimi Hendrix, Born Under a Bad Sign, Blues
5. JJ Grey & Mofro, Sun is Shining, Country Ghetto

over and out… thanks to my co-host Finn Lamb for the color commentary.


artist, song, album

1. MMW, Philly Cheese Blunt, The Dropper
2. Pacific Gas & Electric, Staggolee, Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” from the Film “Grindhouse”
3. Solomon Burke, Soul Searchin’, Don’t Give Up On Me (2002 Fat Possum Records)
4. Eddie Floyd, Good Love, Bad Love, “Death Proof”
5. April March, Chick Habit, “Death Proof”
6. Eddie Beram, Riot in Thunder Alley, “Death Proof”


1. Cold War Kids, St. John, Robbers & Cowards
2.Whiskeytown, Mirror, Mirror, Pneumonia
3.Cold War Kids, God Make up Your Mind, Robbers & Cowards
4.The Cinematics, Race to the City, A Strange Education (2007 TVT Records)
5. Shapes and Sizes, Head Movin, Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner (2007 Asthmatic Kitty)
6. Jim White, Objects in Motion, Drill a Hole in the Substrate and tell me what you see


1.Allison Moorer, New Years Day, Getting Somewhere
2. Easy Way, Mondays in May, Easy Way (2002 Clivus Records)
3. Deering and Down, Can’t Wait, Break this Record (2007 Retsina Glow)

top of the hour

1. Widespread Panic, Stop-Go, Space Wrangler
2. Professor Longhair, Hey Little Girl, Big Chief
3. “” “”, How Long Has That Train Been Gone, ” ”
4. Los Lobos, Bertha, Just Another Band from East LA (Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia 8/1)
5. Campbell Brothers, No Mo One More, Can You Feel It?
6. Los Lobos, Buddy Ebsen Loves the Night Time, Colossal Head
7. “” “”, Life is Good, “” “”


1.Jack Nitzsche, The Last Race, Quentin Terantino’s “Death Proof”
2.War, Cisco Kid, The World is a Ghetto
3.Talking Heads, Don’t Worry about the Government, Talking Heads: 77
4.Fujiya & Miyagi, Photocopier, Transparent Things
5. Smith, Baby It’s You, “Death Proof” (For Tally and Finn, my babies)




artist, song, album

1.Talking Heads, Psycho Killer, Stop Making Sense (oops I was off the air)
2. Talking Heads, Swamp, Stop Making Sense
3.Jim White, Static on the Radio fet. Amy Mann, Drill a Hole in the Substrate and Tell me what you See
4.Elliot Smith, King’s Crossing, From a Basement on the Hill
5.” “, Twilight, ” ”
6. Jim White, Bluebird, Drill a Hole in the ….


1. Spoon, Don’t You Evah, Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007 Merge)
2. ” “, Rhythm and Soul, ” ”
3. Whiskeytown, Too Drunk to Dream, Faithless Street
4. Uncle Tupelo, I wanna be your dog, Rarities and Radio Tracks
5. Wilco, Hate it Here, Sky Blue Sky (2007 Nonesuch)
6. Drive by Truckers, Carl Perkins Cadilaac, The Dirty South

break, hour topping

1.Jim White, Alabama Chrome, Drill a Hole in the Substrate….
2. “”, Combing my Hair in a Brand New Style, ” ”
3. Frank Zappa, More Trouble Everyday, The Roxy & Elsewhere
4. Spoon, You Got Yr Cherry Bomb, Ga Ga Ga Ga
5. ” “, Finer Feelings, ” ”
6.The Beatles, Tomorrow never Knows, Rubber Soul
7. Luiz Bonfa, Pernambulo, Solo In Rio 1959
8. Thelonious Monk, Japanese Folk Song, Straight No Chaser
9. Spoon, Japanese Cigarette Case, Ga Ga Ga Ga
10. Of Montreal, Grolandic Edit, Hissing Fauna are you the Destroyer? (2007 Polyvinyl)
11.Marc Broussard, You Met Your Match, SOS- Save our Soul (2007 Vanguard)
12. Page McConnell, Back in the Basement, Page McConnell (2007 Sony)

later good people…



artist, song, album

1. Stanton Moore III, Licorice, Stanton Moore III
2. ” “, When the levee breaks, ” ”
3.Tom Waits, Alice, Alice
4. Charles Mingus, Noddin’ Ya head blues, Three or four shades of Blues

5.Devendra Banhart, Quedate Luna, Cripple Crow
6.Manu Chao, Merry Blues, Proxima Estacion: Esperanza
7.Marc Ribot, Eld Gaucho Rojo, Muy Divertido
8.John Scofield and MMW, A Go Go, A Go Go


1. Dead Meadow, Greensky Greenlake, Dead Meadow
2. Swan Lake, A Venue Caclled Rubella, Beast Moans
3.Dean and Brita, Singer Sing, Back Numbers
4.” “, Words you used to Say, ” ”
5. Yo La Tengo, Everyday, And then nothing turned itself inside out
6. Harry Manx and Kevin Breit, Sisters, In good we Trust
7.Iron and Wine, Carried Home, Boy with A Coin (2007 SubPop)
8.Snow Patrol, Isolation, Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to save Darfur
9. Flaming Lips, (Just Like) Starting Over, ” ”
10. Saturday Looks Good To Me, Between you and Me, Every Night

Jonas temporarily looses control of the airwaves to the Muffin Man

11. Frank Zappa, Muffin Man, Strictly Commercial
12.Phish, Dinner and a Movie, Junta
13.Frank Zappa, Let’s make the water turn black, Strictly Commercial

14.Phish, Julius, Hoist
15.” “, Wolfman’s Brother, Hoist

later, later



artist, song, album

1.The Cinematic Orchestra, Man with a Camera, Man with a Camera
2.Miles Davis, Shhh..peacefull, In a Silent Way
3.Charlie Hunter Quartet, Rebel Music, Natty Dread
4.Hungry Ghosts, Reading your Mail, Alone, Alone
5.Marc Ribot, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Saints
6. ” “, Go Down Moses, ” ”
7.Django Reinhardt, Nuages, The Indespensable Django Reinhardt (1949-1950)
8. ” “, I surrender, Dear, Djangology 49
9.James Carter, Chasin’ the Gypsy, Chasin’ the Gypsy

Weather, top of the hour

1.Arcade Fire, In the Backseat, Funeral
2.” “, Haiti, ” ”
3.Talking Heads, Slippery People, Speaking in Tongues
4. ” “, Sax and Violins, Sand in the Vaseline
5.Cold War Kids, God, Make up Your Mind, Robbers and Cowards (2007 Downtown)
6.Mando Diao, Josephine, Ode to Ochrasy (2007 Mute)
7.Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pea, One Hot Minute
8. ” “, Aeroplane, ” ”
9.Fujiya & Miyagi, Collarbone, Transparent Things
10. Talking Heads, Born Under Punches (the heat goes on), Remain in Light

break, psa

1. Fujiya & Miyagi, Transparent Things, Transparent Things
2. Spoon, The Way We get By, Kill the Moonlight
3. Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Turn my Black Skies Blue, Love is not Enough (2007 King of Hearts)




After two weeks away from the airwaves to welcome my son, Finnegan to this world, I’m back, we’re back, the whole family, Melinda, Finn and yours truly Jonas Lamb for a few hour long family affair celebrating new life, moody ambiance, obscurity and the joyous erruption of groundswell sounds. Enjoy.

artist, song, album

1. Hungry Ghosts, What it was like to Float, Alone, Alone
2. “”, Nothing Has to Happen, Alone, Alone
3. Wilco, Sky Blue Sky, Sky Blue Sky (2007 Nonesuch)
4. Seth Bernard and Daisy May, Sassafrass, Being this Being (2006 Earthworks)
5. Cinematic Orchestra, All Things, Man With a Camera
(check out this incredible film score and documentary footage
6. The Bad Plus, Life on Mars, Prog (2007 Do the Math)
7. Seu Jorge (pronounced Say-ooh Zshorjee), Life on Mars, The Life Aquatic Sessions


1.Beatles, Cry Baby Cry, The White Album
2. Tom Waits, Coney Island Baby, Blood Money
3. Taj Mahal and Leftover Salmon, Lovin’ in my baby’s eyes, Nashville Sessions
4. Greg Brown, Hey Baby Hey, Further In
5. Wilco, Please be patient with Me, Sky Blue Sky

top of the hour

1.Harry Crews, Stories, Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus
2.Jim White, Still Waters, “” “”
3.Jim White, Christmas Day, “” “”
4. Melissa Swingle, Amazing Grace, “” “”
5.Neko Case, Look for me (I’ll be around), Blacklisted
6. Mayor, Small Town, Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus
7. 16 Horsepower, Black Soul Choir, “” “”
8. Drive By Truckers, Little Bonnie, A Blessing and A Curse (2006 New West)
9. Ryan Adams, Hotel Chelsea Nights, Love is Hell


1. Mofro, A Woman, Country Ghetto (2007 Alligator)
2. Cold War Kids, Pregnant, Robbers and Cowards (2007 Downtown)
3. Dirty Dozen Brass Band fet Guru, Inner City Blues, What’s Goin’ On
4. Beastie Boys, B for my Name, The Mix Up (2007 Capitol)
5. “” “”. 14th St. Break, ” ”

over and out…



artist, song, album

1. The Bad Plus, Giant, Prog (2007 Do the Math)
2. “” “”, Everybody wants to Rule the World, “” “”
3. Sun Ra, Love in Outer Space, Purple Night
4. Jimmy Smith, On the sunny side of the Street, Back at the Chicken Shack
5. Bill Evans Trio, Come rain or Shine, Portrait in Jazz


1. Tom Waits, Heart attack and Vine, Heart Attack and Vine,
2. “” “”, In Shades, “” “”
3. “” “”, Drunk on the Moon, The Heart of Saturday Night
4. “” “”, It’s Over, Orphans: Bawlers (2007 Anti)
5. ” “, Saving all My Love for You (For Tallulah and Bam Bam), Heart Attack and Vine


1. John Scofield + MMW, Green Tea, A Go Go
2. MMW, Bloody Oil, End of the World Party (Just in Case)
3. McCoy Tyner, December, Land of Giants
4. Greyboy Allstars, Pigeons Underwater, What happened to TV? (2007 SCI Fidelity)
5. Soulive, Joe Sample, Doin’ Something (2001 Blue Note)
6. Soulive fet. Stephanie McKay, Romantic, “” “”
7. MMW, Just Like I pictured it, Combustication
8. MMW, Whatever Happened to Gus, “” “”
9. Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Is there anybody here that loves my Jesus, Funeral for a Friend
10. Jimmy Smith, Back at the Chicken Shack, Back at the…

1. Charlie Hunter Quartet fet. Norah Jones, Day is Done, Songs from the Analog Playground
2. The Wood Brothers, Tried and Tempted, Ways not to Loose

later kids….



artist, song, album

1. Jackie Greene, If I write a Letter, Sweet Somewhere Bound
2. Nirvana, Oh me, Unplugged in New York
3. Jackie Greene, A think Called Rain, Sweet Somewhere Bound
4. Gillian Welch, Wrecking Ball, Soul Journey
5. Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Better Man’s Waltz, In Good We Trust (2007 Stony Plain)
6. “” “”, Sometimes, “” “”


1. Yo La Tengo, Nowhere Near, Painful (Not Nick Drake as announced on air, he’s next)
2. Nick Drake, Cello Song, An Introduction
3. The Avett Brothers, I would be Sad, Emotionalism (2007 Ramseur)
4. Neko Case, Deep Red Bells, Blacklisted
5. Bright Eyes, Spent on Rainy Days, Live from Austin City Limits
6. Drive by Truckers, Outfit, Life from Austin City Limits
7. “” “”, Blessing and a Curse, Blessing and a Curse (2006 New West)

top of the hour

1. The Book of Knots, Hewitt-Smithson, Traineater (2007 Anti)
2. Dean & Brita, Wait for Me, Back Numbers (2007 Zoe)
3. Arcade Fire, Ocean of Noise, Neon Bible (2007 Merge)
4. Aunt Jessica, Sounds like the City, Knowing someone’s there (2007 Ropeadope Digital)
5. Aunt Jessica, Looseleaf, “” “”
7. Cold War Kids, Hang me up to Dry, Robbers and Cowards (2006 Downtown)
8. Mark Ronson presents, Velerie fet. Amy Winehouse, Version (forthcoming on AllIdone, June 12 2007)
9. The Red Button, Floating by, She’s about to cross my mind (2007 November Nights)
10. Chocolate Tiger, Balmy, The End of an Error (2007 Soul Motion Music)
11. Talking Heads, Listening Wind, Remain in Light


1. Trey Anastasio Band, Burlap sack and pumps, And then there were 10: Live Summer 2002 (ouch skips)
2. “” , Pebbles and Marbles, “” “” (fade out)

see you next week…if we don’t have a baby before then…



artist, song, album

1.Air, Space Maker, Pocket Symphony (2007 Astralwerks)
2.Air, Once Upon a Time, “” “”
3.Harry Manx and Kevin Breit, Death Don’t Have Mercy, In Good We Trust (2007 Stony Plain Records)
4.The Book of Knots, Hands of Production, Traineater (2007 Anti)
5.” “, Traineater, Traineater
6.The Avett Brothers, Weight of Lies, Emotionalism
7.The Almost, Dirty and Left Out, Southern Weather (2007 Tooth and Nail)


1.Flaming Lips, Unmade Bed/No Quarter, If you could blow up the world…
2.Swan Lake, The Pollenated Girls, Beast Moans
2.Flaming Lips, The Yeah Yeah Song (in anathropous reflex), If you could blow up the world…
3.Jackie Greene, Getting By, Rusty Nail
4.Harry Manx and Kevin Breit, I’m on Fire, In Good We Trust


Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

1.Bob Dylan, Jack-a-Roe, World Gone Wrong (1993)
2.”” “”, Highwater (for Charley Patton), Love and Theft (2001)
3.” “, Ballad of a Thin Man, Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
4.” “, Things Have Changed, Live at Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, MI 11.5.2000
5. ” “, Time Passes Slowly, New Morning (1970)
6.” “, Beyond the Horizon, Modern Times (2006)
7. Deering and Down, Sad Love, Break this Record (2007)


1.Antibalas, Hilo, Security
2.”” “”, War Hero, “”
3.David Bryne, Neighborhood, Look into the Eyeball

later folks…


artist, song, album

1.Wynton Marsalis Quintet, The Sweeet Embrace of Life, Live at the Village Vanguard
2.Tom Waits, Semi Suite, Heart of Saturday Night
3. Rolling Stones, I’ve Got the Blues, Sticky Fingers
4. The Poets of Rhythm, It Came over me, Practice What you Preach
5. Brett Dennen, Ain’t No Reason, So Much More (2006 Dualtone)
6.The Avett Brothers, Paranoia in Bflat Major, Emotionalism (2007 Ramseur)


1. Air, Cemetary Party, The Original Motion Picture score for The Virgin Suicides
2. The Shins, Sea Legs, Wincing the Night Away (2007 Sub Pop)
3. ” “, Red Rabbits, ” ”
4.Talking Heads, I’m not in love, More Songs about Buidlings and Food
5. Hammock, Shipwrecked (Flat on Your Back), Raising Your VOice…Trying to Stop an Echo
6.Phish, Ambient Jam, Lemonwheel
7. Christopher O’Riley, Street Spirit, Hold Me to This (the songs of Radiohead)
8. Radiohead, Subterranean Homesick Alien, OK Computer
9. Yo La Tengo, Our Way to Fall, Nothing Turned itself inside Out


1.Widespread Panic, Party at Your Mama’s House, ‘Till the Medicene Takes
2. ” “, Blue Indian, ” ”
3. Mofro, Cracka Break, Blackwater
4.” “, Brighter Days, ” ”
4.Widespread Panic, Blackout Blues, Ain’t Life Grand
5.Ryan Adams, To Be Young, Heartbreaker,
6.Widespread Panic, One Armed Steve, ‘Till the Medicene Takes
7.Drive-by-Truckers, Carl Perkins’ Cadillac, The Dirty South
8.Neko Case, Outro with Bees, Blacklisted (2003 Bloodshot)

’till again ’tis Thursday. thanks for tuning in….



artist, song, album

1. Yo La Tengo, Night Falls on Hobokon, Nothing Turned itself inside out
2. Phish, Quadrophonic Toppling, The Siket Disc
3.Kaki King, Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers, Until We Felt Red (2006 Velour)
4.Kaki King, Soft Shoulder, Until we Felt Red
5.Frank Zappa, I’m the Slime, Strictly Commercial


1.MMW, Smoke, Uninvisible
2.Air, Somewhere between waking and sleeping, Pocket Symphonies (2007 Astralwerks)
3.Wilco, Hell is Chrome, A Ghost is Born
4.Air, One Hell of a Party, Pocket Symphonies
5.Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Gammler, Zen + Hohe Berge , Jukebox Buddha


1.Beck, Guess I’m doing fine, Sea Change
2.Sia, I go to Sleep, Lady Croissant (2007 Astralwerks)
3.Yo La Tengo, Madeline, Nothing Turned itself inside out
4.Deering and Down, Sad Love, Break this Record (2007 Diamond D/IODA)
5.Tom Waits, Danny Says, Orphans: Bawlers (2006 Anti )
6.Yo La Tengo, Our Way to Fall, Nothing Turned itself inside out
7.Mike Gordon, Gatekeeper, Inside In
8.The Shins, Wierd Divide, Oh Inverted World
9.Mike Gordon, Beltless Buckler, Inside In

1.Cold War Kids, I reach for the Hat, Robbers & Cowards (2006 Downtown Music)
2.Frank Zappa, Dirty Love, Strictly Commercial
3.Wilco, Theologians, A ghost is Born
4.Nobody and the Mystic Chords of Memory, Broaden a New Sound, Tree Colored Sea
5.Wilco, Impossible Germany, Sky Blue Sky (2007 Nonesuch)
6.Cold War Kids, Sweet, sweet sigh of relief, Robbers & Cowards
7.Spoon, I turn my Camera On, Gimme Fiction

over and out



artist, song, album

1.The Frequency, Fade, EP
2.Air, Playground Love, Virgin Suicides Soundtrack
3.Juana Molina, Ahora, Believer Magazine-2006 Music Compilation
4.The Frequency, Hammers, EP
5.Radiohead, Optimistic, Kid A
6.Bobby Previte, Anthem for Andrea, The Coalition of the Willing (2006 Ropeadope)


1.Christopher O’Riley, Tourist, Hold me to this
2.”” “”, Paranoid Android, “” “”
3.Swan Lake, The Pollenated Girls, Beast Moans (2006 Jagjaguwar)
4.Don Dilego, Ghosts, Photographs of 1971 (2006 Velvet Elk)
5.Swan Lake, Are you swimming in her pools?, Beast Moans


1.Spoon, Sister Jack, Gimme Fiction
2.””, I summon You, “”
3.Saturday Looks Good To Me, All Over Town, Every Night
4.””, The Girl’s distracted, “”
5.Belle and Sebastian, Stars of Track of Field, If You’re feeling sinister
6.Camera Obscura, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Let’s Get out of this Country
7.Bright Eyes, 4 winds, Cassadaga (2007 Saddle Creek)


1.Mofro, Tragic, Country Ghetto (2007 Alligator)
2.””, A Woman, “”
3.Dr.Lonnie Smith, Paper Tiger, Boogaloo to Beck
4.Medeski, Martin and Wood, Where Have you been?, Uninvisible (2002 Blue Note)
5.Red Hot Chili Peppers, Funky Monk, Blood Sugar Sex Magic
6.Kid Koala w/ Bullfrog, Nice Try, Bullfrog

over and out


4.26.07 K3 Spring Fund-drive

Bi-Annual Funk and Soulfood Breakfast Funk-Drive Show

artist, song, album

1.Galactic, Quiet Please, Crazyhorse Mongoose
Pledge Inro
2.Michael Franti & Spearhead, Everyone Deserves Music
3.Galactic, Metermaid, Crazyhorse Mongoose
4.Galactic, Stax Jam, Coolin’ Off
5.The Dirty Dozen Brass Band & Robert Randolph, Cissy Strut, Medicated Magic
6.Dr. John & The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Everything I do Gonna be Funky, Medicated Magic


1.The Poets of Rhythm, It Came Over Me, Practice What You Preach
2.Sharon Jones, You Better Think Twice, Spike’s Choice
3.The Poets of Rhythm, Smilin’, Discern/Define
4.Johnnie Taylor, Who’s Making Love

(playlist incomplete, forgot to save, oops)


artist, song, album

1.Frequency, En Film, Frequency EP (2006 Ropeadope Digital)
2.Reminder, Look at your left hand and know you are dreaming, West Side Cabin #1 (2006 Ropeadope Digital)
3.”” “”, Halfsies, West Side Cabin #1
4.Kevin Shields, Ikebana, Lost in Translation (soundtrack)
5.Kaki King, You Don’t Have to be afraid, Until We Felt Red

break, Mofro intro

1.JJ Grey & Mofro, On Palestine, Country Ghetto (2007 Alligator)
2.”” “”, Turpentine, “” “”
3.”” “”, A Woman
4.Dr. Lonnie Smith, Paper Tiger, Boogaloo to Beck
5.Wilson Picket, I’m a Midnight Mover, Best of Wilson Picket
6.Mofro, Mississippi, Country Ghetto
7.”” “”, Sun is Shining Down, “” “”

break, weather

1. Zutons, Valerie, Tired of Hanging Around
2. Camera Obscura, If looks could kill, Let’s Get out of this Country (2006 Merge)
3.Saturday Looks Good to Me, Letters, All Your Summer Songs
4.Camera Obscura, Lloyd I’m Ready to be Heartbroken, Let’s Get Out of this Country
5. Camera Obscura, Tears for Affairs, “” “”
6.Beach Boys, Hang on to Your Ego, Pet Sounds


1.Modest Mouse, Parting of the Sensory, We Were Dead before the ship even sank (2007 Epic)
2. “” “”, Little Motel, “” “”
3.Arcade Fire, Antichrist Television Blues, Neon Bible
4.Spoon, My Mathematical Mind, Gimme Fiction
5.Beck, The horrible fanfare/Landslide Exoskeleton, The Information

over and out…



artist, song, album

1.Sprout House Band, Spanish Flowers, Sprout Soundtrack
2.Tommy Guerrero, Rained, “” “”
3.Devendra Banhardt, Luna de Margarita, Sawkill River
4.Ray Barbee, Find Enjoyment, Sprout Soundtrack
5.Marc Ribot, Blue Party, Soundtracks Vol. 1
6.Beck, Movie Theme, The Information
7.Sufjan Stevens, Taquamenon Falls, Michigan
8.Cat Power, Shaking Paper, You are Free
9.Cat Power, Evolution, “” “”

An extended Folk/blues/alt country set to celebrate the 33rd Annual Alaska Folk Festival.

1.Mofro, Lochloosa, Lochloosa (2004 Fog City Records)
2.Wood Brothers, Luckiest Man, Ways not to loose
3.Marcia Ball, Give Me a Chance, So Many Rivers
4.Gillian Welch, One Monkey, Soul Journey
5.JJ Cale, Ride Me High, Anyway the wind blows (Anthology)
6.JJ Cale, Durango, “” “”

station id, break

1.Bruce Springsteen, Jessie James, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
2.Bob Dylan, Cry a While, Love and Theft
3.Old Crow Medicine Show, New Virginia Creeper, Big Iron World
4.Hot Buttered Rum, Well Oiled Machine, Well Oiled Machine
5.Moonshine Willy, Turn the Lights Down Low, Down to the Promised Land: 5 years of Bloodshot Records
6.Steve Earle, Mercenary song, Train a Comin’
7.Ryan Adams, Dam Sam (I love a woman that rains), Heartbreaker
8.”” “”, Come pick me up, “” “”
9.John Bell and Leftover Salmon, Nobody’s Fault but mine, Nashville Sessions


1.Ras Alan, Dreadneck Dread, Letters from Appalachia
2.Wood Brothers, If the Spirit Moves You, Ways Not to Loose
3.Bright Eyes, Let’s not shit ourselves, Lifted: Or the Story is in the Soil

over and out



artist, song, album

1.Calexico, No Doze, Feast of Wire
2.Kaki King, Second Brain, Until We Felt Red
3.Kaki King, Footsteps Die out Forever, Until We Felt Red
3.Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, Neon Bible
4.Arcade Fire, Keep the Car Running, Neon Bible
5.Happy End, Kaze Wo Atsumete, Lost in Translation (soundtrack)
6.Nobody and the Mystic Chords of Memory, Klaw prints,Tree Colored See
7.”” “”, Walk in the After Light, ” ” “”
8.Bright Eyes, Four Winds, Cassadaga (forthcoming release 4.10.07 on Saddle Creek Records)


1.El Perro Del Mar, God Knows (You gotta give to get), self titled (2006)
2.Norah Jones, Thinking About You, Not Too Late (2006)
3.Gillian Welch, Wayside/Back in Time, Soul Journey
4.” “” , Look at Miss Ohio, Soul Journey
5.Anne McCue, Sweet Burden of Youth, Koala Motel (2006)
6.Saturday Looks Good To Me, No Good with Secrets, All Your Summer Songs
7. Julie Doiron, Don’t Wannabe/liked by you, Woke Myself Up (2007 Jagjaguwar Records)

(weather, station id)

1.Saturday Looks Good to Me, Alchohol, All your summer songs
2.Arcade Fire, Antichrist Television Blues, Neon Bible
3.Keanne, Yellow Brick Road, Help: War Child (Iraqi childrens benefit)
4.Tom Waits, Road to Peace, Orphans: Brawlers
5.Tom Waits, You Can Never Hold Back Spring, Orphans: Bawlers


Mudlark intro/promo
1.Mudark, Mountain Girl, Nest (demos)
2.Drive by Truckers, Late for Church, Gangstabilly (Reissue 2005)
3.Drive by Truckers, Panties in your Purse
4.Bright Eyes, Tourist Trap, Cassadaga (4.10.07)
5.Bob Dylan, Someday Baby, Modern Times (2006 Columbia)
6.Modest Mouse, One Chance, Good News for People…..
7.Modest Mouse, Blame it on the Tetons, “” “”

over and out…



artist, song, album

1.Tom Waits, Sins of My Father, Way Gone
2.Blind Melon, Glitch, Nico
3.Stars of the Lid, Requiem for dying mothers pt. 1, Tired Sounds of the Stars of the Lid
4.Medeski, Martin and Wood, Querencia, Notes from the Underground
5.The Bad Plus, Smells Like Teen Spirit, These are the Vistas


1.Saturday Looks Good to Me, Caught, All Your Summer Songs (2003 Volyvinyl Records)
2.Saturday Looks Good to Me, (10)Underwater Heartbeat, “” “”
3.Beach Boys, That’s Not Me, Pet Sounds
4.Beck, Paper Tiger, Sea Change
5.Dave Fischoff, The World Gets Smaller When you Dream, The Crawl (2006 Secretly Canadian)
6.Blind Melon, St. Andrew’s Hall, Nico
7.Anne McCue, Hellfire Raiser, Koala Motel (2006 Messenger Records)
8.Deering and Down, Suddenly, Coupe de Villa (Juneau’s own Lahna Deering)
9.Bob Dylan, Cold Irons Abound (new verison), Masked and Anonymous Soundtrack


1.Ryan Adams, Twenty Nine, 29
2.Drive-by-Truckers, 18 Wheels of Love, Alabama Ass Whuppin’
3.Drive-by-Truckers, Tornadoes, The Dirty South
4.Chris Smither, Origin of Species, Leave the Light On
5.Chris Smither, Blues in a Bottle, “” “”
6.Spoon, Anything You Want, Girls Can Tell
7.Spoon, Chicago at Night, Girls Can Tell

over and out…



artist, song, album

1.The Bad Plus, Prehensile Dream, Suspicious Activity (2005)
2.The Bad Plus, Karma Police, Exit Music; songs for Radioheads (2006 Rapster)
3.Kaki King, Everybody Loves You, Close your eyes and you’ll burst into flames
4.Paranoid Android, Sia, Exit Music; songs for Radioheads
5.Blind Melon, No Rain (ripped away version), Nico
6.Blind Melon, Soul One, Nico


1.Cat Power, Love and Communication, The Greatest (2006 Metador)
2.Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, Intervention (2007 Merge)
3.Spoon, A Series of Sneaks, Minor Toughs
4.Aimee Man, Nothing is good enough, Bachelor No. 2
5.Big Joe Turner, Morning Noon and Night, The Trumpet Kings meet Joe Turner
6.Stanton Moore III, Licorice, Stanton Moore III

break, weather

1.Charlie Hunter Trio, Copperopolis, Copperopolis (2005 Ropeadope)
2.Charlie Hunter Quartet fet. Theryl DeClouet, Spoonful, Songs from the Analog Playground
3.Big Joe Turner, I know you love me baby, The Trumpet Kings meet Big Joe Turner
4.RobinElla, Little Boy, Digital [EP] 2006
5.RobinElla, Brand New Key, Digital
6.Charlie Hunter Quartet fet. Mos Def, Creole, Songs from the Analog….
7.Charlie Hunter Quartet, Rhythm Music, Songs from the Analog…
8. Pory, Sorry Bamba, Sorry Bamba, World Psychedelic Classics Vol. 3, Loves a real thing (2005 Luaka Bop)



artist, song, album

1.Beck, We live again, Mutations
2.Tom Waits, Jayne’s Blue Wish, Orphans: Bawlers (2006)
3.Tom Waits, Young At Heart, Orphans: Bawlers
4.Chris Smither, Visions of Johanna, Leave the Light on (2006)
5.Devendra Banhart, Queen Bee, Cripple Crow (2005)
6.Beck, O Maria, Mutations
7.Devendra Banhart, Heard Somebody Say, Cripple Crow


1.Mike Gordon, Steel Bones, Inside In
2.Jimi Hendrix, Castles Made of Sand, Axis Bold as Love
3.Fujiya & Miyagi, Collarbone, Transparent Things
4.Morphine, Lilah>Potion, Like Swimming
5.Modest Mouse, Bukowski, Good News for People Who Like Bad News
6.Mike Gordon, Outside Out, Inside In
7.Mike Gordon, Beltless Buckler, Inside In

break (top of the hour)

1.MMW, Afrique, Tonic
2.Miles Davis, Concierto de aranjuez, Sketches of Spain
3.Keith Jarret Trio (Peacock, DeJohnette), Billie’s Bounce, Tokyo ’96
4.David Budbill (poet), No Escape, Songs for A suffering world: incantatino and improvisation.
5.Tom Waits, Diamonds on my Windshield, The Heart of Saturday Night


(For the Lukester)
1.Talking Heads, Stay up Late, Little Creatures
2.Talking Heads, I get Wild, Speaking in Tounges
3.Modest Mouse, The Good Times are Killing Me, Good News for People who like bad news
4.Antibalas, Sanctuary, Security (2007, Anti-records)

over and outta here….



artist,song, album

1.Cat Power, Willie, The Greatest (2006)

2.Cat Power, Lived in Bars, “”

3.Aimee Mann, Nothing is Good Enough (instrumental), Magnolia (Soundtrack)

4.Aimee Mann, One is the lonelinest Number, “”

5.Cat Power, The Moon (soundtrack to the Moonlight Mission for Lunacy), The Greatest

6.Iron and Wine, Upward over the Mountain, Creek Drank the Cradle


1.Beck, Runners Dial Zero, Cold Brains [EP]

2.The Boredoms, Free (end of Session Version), Sharing in the Groove (A phish tribute)

3.Mofro, Air, Blackwater

4.Phish, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Farmhouse

5.Spoon, This Book is a movie, Girls Can Tell

6.Phish, Swept Away>Steep, Billy Breathes

7.Phish, Fast Enough For You, Rift

News Headlines

1.Miles Davis, Someday My Prince will Come

2.Seth Bernard, hidden track, Constellation (2003 Earthworks Records)

3.Aimee Mann, Calling it Quits, Bachelor #2 (2000 Superego Records)

4.Peter Mulvey, Lila Blue (For Tallulah and Lila), The Knuckleball Suite (Performed at UAS Spring Concert Series)

4.Peter Mulvey, You and Me and the Ten Thousand Things, The Knuckleball Suite

5.The Wood Brothers, Luckiest Man, Ways Not to Loose (2005)

6.The Wood Brothers, Atlas, Ways Not to Loose


1.David Jacobs-Strain, Soul of a Man, Ocean or a Teardrop (Performing 3/9 at UAS)

2.The Wood Brothers, If the Spirit Moves You, Ways Not to Loose

3.Iron and Wine with Calexico, Red Dust, In the Reins

4.Julie Doiron, Don’t Wannabe/liked by you, Woke Myself Up (2007 Jagjaguwar Records)

5.Drive By Truckers, World of Hurt, World of Hurt (2006 New West Records)

6.Beck, Lost Cause, Sea Change

over and out


artist, song

1. Rob Berger, Linguist from Latvia

2. Kaki King, Doing the Wrong Thing

3.Six Organs of Admittance, All Cats

4.Sufjan Stevens, The Vivian girls are visited in the night by Saint Dargarius…..

5.Bob Marley, Coming in From the Cold

6.Feist, Mushaboom

7.Bob Marley, Pimper’s Paradise

8.Neung Phak, Cheer

9.The Boredoms, Free (End of Session Version)


1.Mamadou Diabate, Alalakay

2. Juana Molina, Ahora

3.Bombay Dub Orchestra, Rare Earth

4. Talking Heads, Seen and Not Seen


1.Medeski, Martin and Wood, Strance of the spirit red gator

2.Benevento, Russo Duo, Vortex

3.Curtis Mayfield, Get Down

4.Toots and The Maytals, Revolution

5.Yohimbe Brothers, the big pill

6.Prince, Kiss (extended version)

7.Manu Chau, King of Bongo

8.Michael Jackson, Billy Jean

9. Los Amigos Invisibles, Sexy

10.James Brown, Lickin’ Stick


1.Nomo, La La La

2.Antibalas, Who is this America?

pheri betaula (Nepalese for “See you again”)

over and out….



artist, song, album

1. Sufjan Stevens, Taquamenon Falls, Michigan: The Great Lake State

2.Devendra Banhart, Sawkill River, Cripple Crow

3.Seth Bernard, May’s Waltz, Being this Being (Seth-Lap Steel, Drew Howard-pedal steel)

4.Devendra Banhart, Queen Bee, Cripple Crow

5.Carla Kihlstedt, Tough Guy, 2 Foot Yard

6.Carla Kihlstedt, Trampolina, 2 Foot Yard


1.Robinella and the Cc String Band, Flashdance (What a feeling), No Saint, No Prize

2.Chris Smither, Origin of Species, Leave the Light On

4.Seth Bernard, Being this Being, Being this Being

5.Robinella and the Cc String Band, Quiet Whiskey, No Saint, No Prize

6.Deering and Down, Suddenly, Coupe de Villa

for Mom

7.JJ Cale, Stone River, To Tulsa and Back

8.Drive By Truckers, 18 Wheels of Love, Gangstabilly

9.Chris Smither, Blues in a Bottle, Leave the Light On

10.Marc Ribot, Pensando, Soundtracks Vol. 2 (cut short, oops)

11.Him, Of the Periphery, Sprout: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.


1.Ray Barbee, Find Enjoyment, Sprout soundtrack

2.Zutons, Valerie, Tired of Hanging Around (2006 Columbia)

3.Hope Sandovil and the Warm Inventions, On the Low, Sprout soundtrack

4.Sprout House Band, Butternut, Sprout soundtrack

5.Fujiya & Miyagi, Reeboks in Heaven, Transparent Things (2006 Deaf Dumb + Blind)

6.Marc Ribot, Blue Party, Soundtracks Vol. 2

7.Yohimbe Brothers, 30 Spokes, The Tao of Yo

8.Yohimbe Brothers, No Pistolas, The Tao of Yo

9.David Byrne and Selena, God’s Child, Luaka Bop: Zero Accidents on the Job 10th Anniversary

10.Lenine, Hoje Eu Quero Sair So, Luaka Bop: Zero Accidents on the Job

11.Femi Kuti, ’97, Best of Femi Kuti

12.Sprout House Band, Spanish Flowers, Sprout soundtrack

13.Seu Jorge, Don’t, Cru

14.Robinella and the Cc String Band, Turn me on, No saint, no prize

15.Tommy Geurrero, Rained, Sprout soundtrack

over and out….



artist, song, album

1.Melody Gardot, Goodnite, Worrisome Heart (2006)

2.Jeremy Kittel, Spain, Roaming

3.Geri Allen, There is a god, The Detroit Experiment

4.Sertab, One More Cup of Coffee, The Masked and Anonymous Soundtrack

5.Seu Jorge, Lady Stardust, The Life Aquatic Sessions

6.Magokoro Brothers, My back pages, Masked and Anonymous

7. Sophie Zelmani, Most of the time, Masked and Anonymous


1.Xavier Rudd, Lap Jam, Live in Vancouver BC

2.Xavier Rudd, Conceal me, Live in Vancouver, BC

3.Seu Jorge, Changes, The Life Aquatic Sessions

4.Fujika & Miyagi, Trasparent Things, Transparent Things (No, we’re not Japanese, 2006)

5. Bitmap, Dream Brother, Dream Brother (A tribute to Tim and Jeff Buckley)

weather, id

1.David Bowie, Fame, Young Americans

2.Bright Eyes, Old Soul Song, I’m Wide Awake it’s morning

3.Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side

4.Magic Numbers, Sing a Song for You, Dream Brother

5.Velvet Underground, Cool it Down, Loaded


1. Ben Harper, Serve Your Soul, Both Sides of the Gun

2.Solomon Burke, None of us are Free, Don’t Give up on Me

3.Widespread Panic, Mercy, Live at the Classic City, Atlanta, GA

4.Skip James, Devil Got my woman, Back to the crossroads: roots of Robert Johnson

5.Widespread Panic, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Ball

6.Tom Waits, Little Drop of Poison, Orphans



Crosscurrents, Artist, Song, Album

1. Ben Harper, Sweet Nothing Serenade, Both Sides of the Gun

2.Blind Melon, Car Seat, Soup

3. Seu Jorge, Starman, The Life Aquatic Sessions

4.Devendra Banhart, La Semilla, Broaden A New Sound EP

5.Yohimbe Brothers, 30 Spokes, Tao of Yo

6.Yohimbe Brothers, Perfect Traveller, Tao of Yo

7.Mulatu Astatke, A Man of Experience and Wisdom, Ethiopiques Vol. 4


1.Galactic, Start from Scratch, Crazyhorse Mongoose

2.Beastie Boys, Sabrosa, In Sound from Way Out

3.John Scofield and MMW, Chicken Dog, A Go Go

4.The Campbell Brothers, Good All the Time, Can You feel it

5.Dr. John, Jump Sturdy, Dr. John Anthology: Mos’ Scocious

6.Dr. John, I Walk on Guilded Splinters, ” “”

7.Philadelphia Experiment, Philadelphia Experiment, Philadelphia Experiment


1.Blind Melon, Galaxie, Soup

2.Spoon, Anything You Want, Girls Can Tell

3.Raconteaurs, Together, Broken Boy Soldiers

4.Spoon, Fitted Shirt, Girls Can Tell

5.Raconteaurs, Blue Veins, Broken Boy Soldiers

6.Led Zeppelin, Since I’ve been Loving You, III

7.Pink Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive, Relics

8.Tom Waits, Lie to Me, Orphans

9.Matisyaho, Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Comes Light), Radio Edit

10.Pink Floyd, Careful with That Axe Eugene, Relics

11.Tom Waits, Temptation, Raindogs

12.Modest Mouse, Bukowski, Good News for People Who like Bad News

13.Tom Waits, 2:19, Orphans

14.Radiohead, Climbing up the Walls, OK Computer

15. Radiohead, Fitter happier (fade out), ok computer



Crosscurrents, Jonas Lamb, Artist, Song, Album

1.Tom Waits, Alice, Alice

2.Yohimbe Brothers, Shape 4, The Tao of Yo

3.Tom Waits, Time, Raindogs

4.Yohimbe Brothers, Shape 1, The Tao of Yo

5. Tom Waits, Hang on St. Christopher, Raindogs

6.Yohimbe Brothers, Noh Rio, The Tao of Yo

7.Talking Heads, Seen and not Seen, Remain in Light

8.Talking Heads, Listening Wind, Remain in Light


1.Seu Jorge, Hagua, Carolina

2.Seu Jorge, Cru, Don’t

3.Devendra Brenhardt, la Seminilia (the seed), Broaden A New Sound EP

4.Yohimbe Brothers, No Pistolas, The Tao of Yo

5.Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos, Baile Baile Baile, Muy Divertido!

6. Yohimbe Brothers fet. Wunmi Olaiya on Vocals, The Big Pill, Front End Lifter

7.Yohimbe Brothers, Smoke and Dust Dub (version), Front End Lifter


1.Toots and the Maytalls, Louie, Louie, Funky Kingston

2.Femi Kuti, Truth Don’t Lie, Best of Femi Kuti

3.Dirty Dozen Brass Band fet. Bettye LaVette, What’s Happening Brother, What’s Going On?

4.Yohimbe Brothers fet Taylor McFerrin, Words They Choose, The Tao of Yo

5.Spoon, This Book is a Movie, Girls Can Tell

6.Beck, No Complaints, The Information

7.The Raconteurs, Level, Broken Boy Soldiers

8.Spoon, Everything hits at Once, Girls Can Tell

9.Talking Heads, Electric Guitar, Fear of Music


1.Colonel Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Shine on You Crazy Diamon (Jack Irons Version), Live 10.8,9.2000 at The Great American Music Hall, SF

2.The Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers, Broken Boy Soldiers

3.Stanton Moore III, When the Levee Breaks, Stanton Moore III

2 thoughts on “archived Crosscurrents playlists

  1. David, thanks for visiting the site. I was super impressed with your group’s album Visions. Downloaded it from emusic after reading about it at the Ropeadope site. I’ve been a huge supporter of Ropeadope for years now, since they sent me a vinyl order in a pizza box. Haven’t been to Montreal since I was in high school, our French class took the train from Windsor to Quebec for Carnival which was amazing. We had a few hours to kill in Montreal along the way and enjoyed drinking beers in a basement bar. Keep on keeping on.

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