tail chasing ouroboros fleeting urgency of this poem the making of the time it takes to sit with this poem and be in this poem if only for a moment or two before day sweeper swirls up the dust cloud torrent with dust comes pollen, spring becoming bloom just beyond these walls and in the … Continue reading Stifle


bleary-eyed father runs down the trail seeking something, perhaps resembling silence inside the crooked walls of the shingled shack below not seeing with eyes but rather feeling with memory spring in the earth around him struggling also to arrive again this year late empty bird feeder in willow tree budding down-hill reaching for the runoff … Continue reading Dream-verse

Spring Storm

airport bound northwest sky darkening memory of thunderstorms sudden snow squall fist-sized flakes fall and stick brightening the darkness spread across the land by two weeks worth of rain and ankle length cloud skirts last night avalanches downed transmission lines between here and snetisham giving rise to rumors of 400 % electricity rate hikes morning … Continue reading Spring Storm