jonas through the china now filterwhen not writing, i galavant in libraries around juneau dressed in my finest librarian attire, secretly holding candle lit vigils in which i hope to evoke the spirit of ancient zen poets from the fragile covers that contain their concise wisdom. this turtleblood is my effort to come to the page more frequently as i hear tell is the mark of a disciplined writer which i do not even pretend to be. i have been undisciplined for a long time and it will take even longer to break the habit. i like to say i am a recovering short story writer, who realized after thousands of wasted words that poets are magicians. i now consider myself a poet in training. a wise man dressed in rags.

if for some reason (i can imagine a few, can you?) you would like to contact me to ask favors or other such things regarding this site or poetry, simply mention this in a comment left on the blog, this will give me access your email (if you’ve given a legit one) and I can email you. i hate spam and i’m sure you do to, so really this is the easiest way unless i get the energy to stick a contact form in here.

Reach out and touch someone....

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